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No description

on 28 March 2017

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Transcript of Li-fi

개인 맞춤형 관람이 가능해짐
교체 시 통신기술까지 더하면 에너지 효율 증대

탐구 동기
lightbulb Created by Scott Lewis
from the Noun Project


Visible Light Communication
- Radio frequency waves
data transmission
3.5 gbps per colors
–red, green and blue
times quicker than Wi-Fi

심한 발열

Application of LI-FI
<Specific Utilization>
Example: City University of Hong Kong
not have an access point nearby
the network lost
has to reload the page after arriving the vicinity of an access point
What is Li-Fi?
Principle of Li-Fi
Application of Li-Fi
Light Fidelity (Li-Fi)
Retail Store Operator

Wi-Fi 867 mbps
Li-Fi- 3.5 gb per color
10.5 gb per second
Why not using Wi-Fi?
Li-Fi is a better choice !
luminaire can store different materials
lights cannot penetrate walls--> safer than Wi-Fi
have to be under the light to get the information wirelessly
Cost-effective measure
i.e. within the pre-existing infrastructure
enhance the in-house customer experience
works better than GPS satellites
Lighting Company
value-adding to the buyers
differentiate themselves from other competitors
i.e. Phillips
precise indoor location
high level of physical security (one-way com.)
does not fail in communication performance
NFC & QR code (rather fragmented across devices)
Application of LI-FI
Application of LI-FI
Application of LI-FI
~The End~
Wi-Fi speed : 300 Mbps
lecture theatres & the library : 8-10 Mbps
Emart Application
Group 16
Chan Zaan Yu 54037940
Cheung Chun Him 53565854
Tao Hiu Kwan 54029060
Tse Oi Teen 54030925
Yip Ngo Ching Isabel 54033417
탐구 목표
usage of e-textbooks
the requiring of interactions
the improvements of visual and audio quality of the materials
larger file sizes time consuming
Application of Li-Fi
What is Li-Fi?
Optical Wireless Communication

- transfer data using light from LEDs as the
internet access point

-usual source for lighting at
homes and offices

microchip in the lamp driver

Li-Fi Indoor Location System
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