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Ferdinand Magellan

The life of Ferdinand Magellan.

Piper McLean

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan
By Soumiya, Joyce and Jane
October 1520
, Magellan and his men had entered what is now called the Strait of Magellan.
Enduring a hard and arduous journey throught the strait
28 November 1520
, they sailed into open sea on the other side.
Strait of Magellan
Born in Portugal,
circa 1480.

Became a page for the queen
Studied mapmaking and navigation, poring over texts on cartography, astronomy, and celestial navigation
By his mid-20s, he was sailing in large fleets
Engaged in combat and therefore became an experiences sailor
6 March 1521
, fleet reached the island of Guam
March, 1521
, Magellan’s fleet reached the edge of the Philippines on the island of Cebu.
Magellan himself led the attack against Mactanese Magellan died on
April 27, 1521.

Set sail on
20 September 1519.
Fleet consisted of four carracks and a flagship caravel
Around 250 sailors
Carried goods to trade
Believed that he could find a shorter route to the Spice Islands by sailing west
Approached King Manuel of Portugal to seek his support for a westward voyage to the Spice Islands
King refused his petition repeatedly
Renounced his Portuguese nationality and relocated to Spain
Petitioned the Spanish king, Charles V.
With the support of King Charles V of Spain, Magellan set out to find a better route to the Spice Islands.
This is a picture of Ferdiand Magellan.
This is a map of Portugal in the 1500's.
Puerto San Julián
Rio De Janeiro
Magellan sailed down the coast of Africa,
South-west over the Atlantic
Stopping briefly at Guanabara Bay to repair ships, take on fresh supplies of food and water
Magellan continues south again to search for a channel
It became colder and there was still no sign of a westward route.
The fleet stopped in the sheltered harbour of Puerto San Julián.
Here they stayed for many months, the weather making progress impossible.
An attempted mutiny took place and one of the ships was wrecked.
In the Pacific Ocean

Magellan knew nothing about the size of the ocean he had reached.
He thought a voyage to the Spice Islands might take a few weeks. But as it turned out, his fleet were to sail westward for over three months.

The Spice Islands
The Beginning (Spain)
The Early Years
Ferdinands' Legacy and Achievements
The remaining 2 ships escaped the Philippines and continued on towards the Spice Islands, arriving in
November, 1521.

The Spanish commander of the last ship, the Victoria, set sail December and reached Spain on
September 8, 1522
with a heavy cargo of spices but with only 18 men from the original crew.

Provide Europe access to spices
Geographic knowledge
Found a massive ocean
Discovered that the earth was much larger than previously thought.
Discredited the theory that the world was flat

Here are two artists depictions of Magellan's fleet.
An image of Rio de Janeiro
An artists depiction of the battle
An image of the Magellan Shrine
A boat in the harbour of Puerto San Julian
Two maps showing the Strait of Magellan.
Images of caravels.
An old map of the spice islands
A depiction of the caravel 'Victoria'.
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