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Brand Management Phase 1

Simply Orange

Celia Dubroof

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Brand Management Phase 1

Background Simply Orange Simply Orange was founded in 2001 in Apopka, FL Owned by Minute Made, a division of The Coca Cola Company Orange Back Guarantee was a year long promotion, 2010-2011 Size and Scope 100% not-from-concentrate juice that was never sweetened or frozen Honestly Simply Simply Orange Medium Pulp Simply Grapefruit Simply Cranberry Cocktail Simply Lemonade Simply Limeade Simply Apple Product Map With Mango With Raspberry High Pulp Calcium
& D With Mango With Pineapple Only in United States

The Coca Cola Company's 14th billion dollar brand

4.7% of The Coca Cola Company's 20% market share of fruit/vegetable juice by trade volume in the US

26% of all adults 18+ report usage of Simply Orange in 2011, compared to only 15% in 2007

Market share growth between 2010-2011:
Tropicana: -4%
Minute Maid: +7.3%
Simply Orange: +11% Creative Review Brand Visualization Brand Image Testimonials simple. clean. pure. nature. well-being Print Video (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Common Themes Target Consumer Meet Jen demographics


lifestyle Performance Salience Imagery Judgements Feelings Resonance orange juice healthy drinks not-from-concentrate natural breakfast most fresh unique carafe honest simple never frozen pure nutrients delicious togetherness joy Orange Back Guarantee happy & healthy family orange tree mother & family "just let oranges be oranges" safe Simplicity
No endorsements/celebrities
Let the juice speak for itself
Nature-oriented, fresh focus
Fruit centered Primary shoppers are more likely to buy juice drinks for the consumption of other members in their household
-2012 Mintel Report Households with one or more children report buying fruit juice more often Lowe's Food premium price Findings health-conscious caregiver Simply Orange honestly simple.
80% of participants purchase juice at least once per week
Participants rated quality and low price the two most important characteristics of juice
Average age of participants is 30 years old high income Social Media 30-45 years old female quality seeker professional trendsetter family-oriented *data collected from surveying Lowe's food customers Simply Orange CBBE Model wholesome Mintel 2012
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