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My favorite number

my number project

Zachary J.

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of My favorite number

20 is when you are no longer an teenager.True fact. 20 is a composite number
and its divisors are
1,2,4,5,10,and itself. 20 is the smallest
abundant number. A dodecahedron is a certain shape
with 20 corners or vertices. 20 % as a decimal is 0.2 and
1/5 as a fraction. Chad is the 20th biggest country
in the entire world. Twenty is the name of a
village in Lincolnshire near
Bourne. James Garfield was the
20th U.S president. The multiples of 20 are 20,40,
60,80,100,120,140,ETC...... The 20th state in the U.S
to join the Union was Missi
ssippi. Twenty-twenty vision
is the human sight. (Is it just me or are the stars squares)? Mark Aumann drives the number
20 car in NASCAR. AWSOME My number is 20! Bye bye for now .Look at my hat.
ITS PARTY TIME!!! This was my
number project!! Have a great week! Number!!! 20, in math can be divided in
6 ways. My hat doesn't look
anything like a party
hat does it?????? 40 is a multiple of 20, and so
is 60.
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