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Emergency Preparedness & Response Training

No description

Chanelle Pickens

on 30 July 2018

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Transcript of Emergency Preparedness & Response Training

Why is this important?
Taking the proper steps to be prepared for a potential emergency or disaster situation can significantly decrease loss.

We all have a responsibility to promote safety awareness.
Emergency Preparedness &
Response Committee
The committee has been established to provide guidance regarding the actions that must be taken in the event of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, faculty, staff, or campus visitors at the Henderson, NV location of ITT Technical Institute.
Emergency Preparedness & Response Guide
Purpose is to establish policies, procedures, and processes for the implementation of the ITT Technical Institute Henderson campus’ Emergency Preparedness & Response Program in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

All department managers and program chairs have a copy of the guide. They are also available at the Front Desk and by request in the LRC.

The guide will be updated annually.
Prevention & Preparedness
Familiarize yourself with all exits and evacuation routes;
Pay attention to all local news alerts & heed all warnings;
Prepare an emergency kit for your home, office, and car;
Report any potential hazards (spills, leaks, faulty wires, tampering, etc.);
Do not discard cigarettes in dry vegetation;
Always have a backup plan!
Independent Study:
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Active Shooter: What You Can Do:
Independent Study:
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Emergency Preparedness & You:

On-Campus Drills
On-campus drills and exercises will give students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to practice the skills that will prove valuable in the event of an emergency or disaster situation. At least once per calendar year, a drill will be held (either announced or unannounced) to test the emergency response and evacuation procedures.
Involving Students
All students MUST:
contact information quarterly (if a student has an address, phone number or email change during the quarter this information must be reported to the school as soon as possible);
their Student Portal daily for news and alerts;
potential hazards or dangerous situations IMMEDIATELY to any staff member (this staff member will then take the necessary steps to communicate the issue to a member of the Emergency Preparedness & Response Committee);
themselves with all exits and evacuation routes;
all established procedures in the event of an emergency or disaster situation.
Think you're prepared for an emergency or disaster situation?

Test your knowledge here:

After completing the quiz,
be sure to review the explanations
for further information.
Emergency Preparedness & Response
Self-Paced Training

The road to safety starts with YOU!
Emergencies come in many forms...
Committee members include...
 Director
 Dean
 Associate Dean
 Program Chairs
 Executive Administrative Assistant

Other faculty and staff may be included as deemed necessary. The committee will meet once per academic quarter.

Committee responsibilities include...
 Corporate Communications
 Communication w/ Local Emergency Responders
 Committee Member Review & Training
 Program & Guide Review
 Establishment & Implementation of Faculty/Staff Training Guidelines
 Establishment & Implementation of Student Awareness Guidelines
 Designation & Review of Emergency Prevention Measures
 Establishment & Implementation of Recovery Measures
 Evaluation of Program Effectiveness
Student awareness and involvement is an important part of emergency preparedness and response.
Please print a copy of the certificate of completion for your records.
Did you know...?
A first responder is any individual who runs toward an emergency or disaster event rather than away. This includes:
Police Officers
Animal Control Officers
Park Rangers
Air Marshals
Red Cross Members
And Many More!

Only 1% of our nation's population is a trained responder, so you need to be prepared to take care of yourself.
Did you know...?
Emergencies and disasters can come in one of three forms:
Threats to Southern Nevada
Visit the following websites for local resources.
It is important to know the emergency or disaster situations that can occur in Southern Nevada.
Clark County Department of Emergency Management:
City of Henderson Office of Emergency Management:
Emergency Preparation Checklist:

Regional Flood Control District - Be Flood Safe:
Southern Nevada Health District - Extreme Heat:
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