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Jerry Brudos

No description

Amar Lathia

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Jerry Brudos

Joseph Cheng, Justen Yeung, Amar Lathia, Leo Teves
A Case Study on Jerry Brudos
Childhood and Teenage Years
Shoe Fetish Slayer/The Lust Killer

Dressed up as girl, belittled, and abused by mother
Family kept moving
Developed shoe fetish after playing with spike-heeled shoes at local junkyard
Also developed fetish for women's underwear
Tried to steal shoes and underwear from local females, even resorting to violence at times
Frequently underwent psychotherapy and spent time in mental hospital
Mental State
Psychiatric Diagnosis:
Kidnapped, beat up, and raped young woman
Sentenced to Oregon State Hospital's psychiatric ward
Sexual fantasies found to be motivated by hatred for mother
Diagnosed with schizophrenia
Married 17-year old girl
Forced her to do housework naked as he took pictures
Developed migraines and blackouts
Relived by nightly raids of women's shoes and underwear
Placed them in his private garage that he didn't let his wife enter
Victim # 1: Linda Slawson - died January 28, 1968
Brudos strangled her to death
Dressed body up in women's underwear
Cut off her left foot to put in his collevtion of stolen shoes
Victim # 2: Jan Whitney - died November 26, 1968
Brudos strangled her to death
Sexually violated Whitney's dead body
Dressed dead body up and took pictures
Cut off her right breast to use as a mold for paperweights
Victim # 3: Karen Sprinkler - died March 27, 1969
Brudos forced her into his car at gunpoint
Made her wear women's underwear while he took pictures
Raped, strangled, and hung her from the ceiling
Removed both her breasts
Victim # 4: Linda Salee
Kidnapped, raped, and strangled
Kept body and violated it
Crime Analysis
Killed women through strangulation
Took photographes of the women dressed up in different women's underwear
Sexually assaulted the live and dead bodies of the women he killed
After killing women, he would put on high heels and masturbate
Violated the bodies post-mortem
Cut off and kept parts of the body
Disposed of all the bodies in a nearby lake
Tied down the corpse with a car part in the water with an unusual knot
Victimology - targeted women

Linda Salee's body was found floating in Long Tom River
Police divers found Karen Sprinkler's body in the same river as well
Brudos attacked and assaulted many women that ended up escaping
Police questioned students at Oregan State University and soon identified Jerry Brudos as a suspect due to his strange, intrusive behavior
Using the location of the bodies, and the description of the man that attacked the women that escaped, the police got a warrant to search Brudos's house
Police found body parts and pictures of the victims who were killed, providing enough evidence to convict Jerry Brudos
Became electronics technician
Darcie Brudos
Brudos attempted to claim insanity as the reason for his murders, but deemed sane and thus responsible for his actions.

Brudos pled guility to three murders.

Bruodes was convicted on three charges on first-degree murder.

Brudos received three life sentences and ended up dying in prison due to liver cancer.
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