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Tok knowledge framework

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Fenella Heaton-Watson

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Tok knowledge framework

ToK Knowledge Framework
Each AoK can be studied through the lens of a Knowledge Framework which has 5 aspects.

Purpose: Aids comparison between two AoKs which is an important skill for your presentation & essay.

Eg: There is no such thing as a neutral question. Evaluate this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge.

2. Language & Concepts
What are the main concepts of the AoK?
How is language used in this AoK as a WoK?

Example in Art:
Concepts - Subjectivity, objectivity, expert, justification, interpretation.
Language - titles of individual visual art pieces and art genres in general, literature.
3. Methodology
How is knowledge gained in this AoK gained (ie WoKs)?
What processes are used to gain knowledge in this AoK?
How do perspectives vary in this AoK?

Example in Art:
Role of emotion, language, reason, sense perception.
Different viewpoints about the purpose of art.
4. Historical Development
How has the AoK developed over time?
What were key contributions?
Who were the main contributors?
Was there any significant paradigm shift?

Example in Art:
Art history timeline

1. Scope
What is the subject matter of the AoK?
What are the goals of inquiry?
What are its practical applications?

Example in Art:
What is art? Discussions of diversity and criteria.

Tok knowledge framework
How does the knowledge in each AoK link with what you know personally?
How does the exchange between personal and shared knowledge take place?

Example in Art:
the intention of the artist to convey knowledge
versus the audience's interpretation

5. Links to Personal Knowledge
Paradigm Shift
This occurs not when we acquire more information about something but when we change our perspective and come up with new ways of looking at it.

Eg. Immanuel Kant
Eg. Duchamp
In pairs, arrange the History questions into the five categories of the Knowledge Framework:
1. Scope
2. Language & Concepts
3. Methodology
4. Historical Development
5. Personal & Shared Knowledge
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