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Media Evaluation 1

In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use, Develop, or Challenge Forms and Conventions of Real Media Products?

Amy Powell

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Media Evaluation 1

In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use, Develop, or Challenge Forms and Conventions of Real Media Products? Our film opening is similar to a real film opening because we included the key conventions of an opening sequence, and took inspiration from similar opening sequences, ‘Devil Wears Prada’, and ‘Love Actually’. Screenshots from the opening of 'Devil Wears Prada'. To include these key conventions in our film we made sure we had opening titles and credits, introduced our key characters and enigma codes to keep our viewers engaged. We deliberately chose to include no dialogue and description to reveal as little as possible about our characters, however with our music and screenplay, it’s obvious to see what is going on. We chose to make our film in the genre of a ‘Chick Flick’, which means that our opening sequence is aimed at women, who like light hearted, romantic comedies. To make our film aimed at women we included the key conventions of a ‘Chick Flick’, this included make-up, fashion, boy and girl conflict and romance. We also added some girly music to our sequence, which also connoted the theme of our movie. In our research, we creaded a collage of images which are stereotypical to our genre. This helped us understand what we might need to include. To challenge the conventions, we chose to include no dialogue ion our opening, this was different because ‘Chick Flick’ movies are normally quite chatty and vocal. We decided to include a soundtrack over our movie, and communicate through the different shots and editing. This was very successful, as people who watched it knew exactly what was going on. We did this to make our movie stand out from the stereotypical values of the genre, and make it more individual. Enigma codes are set up to engage the audience in the movie, by introducing plots or events that want to make the view watch more. For our film, we decided to include a mystery and a twist, to our opening. Here is a selection of the convensions we used production credits Movie Credits Enigma Code And a brief, simple introduction to our main characters
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