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Othello Characters

No description

Mehran Mirahmadi

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Othello Characters

- She is moved by Othello's adventurous stories
and his bravery and falls in love with him.
- She is shocked by Othello's harsh behavior.
- Tells him that she has been a loyal and faithful wife
- Believes that she was not loyal and had
an affair with Cassio. Thinks she is a cheater.
- Asks her to show him the handkerchief.
- Slaps her in front of everyone when she
gets happy for Cassio's position.
- Murders her in bed.

- Uses her as a tool to take revenge from Othello
- Makes the rumor about her
- Uses her as a tool to push his evil plan forward
- Asks her to steal Desdemano's handkerchief
- Murders her when she tells the truth
- Thinks he is fool and tries to make him
satisfied that he will reach Desdemano
- Uses him as a tool to stay away from crime (asks him to kill Cassio)
- Murders him at the end and pretends he is loyal to Cassio.
Wants to take revenge for
- He suspects Othello for having an affair
with his wife
- Did not get the promotion
Poisons Othello's ear and makes him suspect
her wife and believe the intrigue.
- Shows him some fake evidence (Handkerchief)

-Thinks he is an honest and loyal
-Knows him as his good and loyal friend.
-Believes his intrigue and the rumor he makes
about Desdemona
- He is jealous and betrayed because Cassio became lieutenant
- Suspects him for sleeping with Emilia
- Makes him drunk to ruin his reputation and take his
position away.
- Uses him as a tool to take revenge from Othello
- Leaves the handkerchief in his room
- Whispers "Bianca" in his ear and pretends he is talking about Desdemona to make Othello's fury deeper.
- Clandestinely stabs his leg from behind and runs away.

She accepts Iago's orders to make him
satisfied. (She is an obedient wife)
- Appoints him as his lieutenant
- Suspects him for sleeping with Desdemona

- Likes him because he is a brave and honor nobleman
- Sends him to fight for Cypress against Turks
- Deceives her father to marry Othello
- Respects her father
- Accuses him for robbing Desdemona from him
- Advises him that may Desdemona deceive
Othello as she deceived her father.
Othello's lieutenant
- Spreads the rumor about Othello robbing his daughter
- Tells him that they are making a devil (Black child)
- Exasperates him by his words and makes him seek for
She tells Othello that Desdemona
faithful and she is the most honest
loyal wife.
She tells Othello the truth about
Iago's evil plan at the end when she
finds out.
- Steals her handkerchief for Iago
- Tell her that "jealousy" can be a reason
for Othello's anger.
- Talks to her about women's who cheat on their
husbands to make them King.
- Has crush on Cassio
- Refuses to copy the pattern of
the handkerchief for Cassio.
- Asks to copy the pattern of
the handkerchief he finds in his room.
- Calls her a whore
- Easily believes that Iago is
going to help him reach Desdemona.
- Later he realizes that Iago has been tricking him.
Obeying Iago for the sake of reaching
Desdemona, he aims to murder Cassio.
The Duke
Brings the news that they want Othello to
go home and appoint Cassio as general
in this place.
Brave and calm
Honest and loyal
Begs her to solicit Othello his position back.
- Thinks Cassio is eligible for the position
and sympathizes with him
- Promises him to talk to Othello regarding
his position.
Has a crush on her.
Loyal, faithful
and innocent
His kinsman
Loyal and honest
- His brother
- Tells that Brabantio has died from the
grief of Desdemona's marriage.
Chases him and gets in
fight with him
Gets in fight with him and
stabs him (ruins his reputation)
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