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Doctor Who

No description

Naomi Reaume

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Doctor Who

T.A.R.D.I.S Doctor Who? Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Doctor Who has been running since it was aired on November 23, 1963.
The TV show is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary next year. How can a show possibly air for as long as 50 years? List of the Doctors William Hartnell 1963-1966 Patrick Troughton 1966-1969 Peter Davison Tom Baker Colin Baker Paul McGann Jon Pertwee 1970-1974 1974-1981 1981-1984 1984-1986 Sylvester McCoy 1987-1989 1996 Christopher Eccelston 2005 David Tennant 2005-2010 Matt Smith 2010 - present Regeneration - took the role after serving in the Second World War in the Tank Corps

- starred in 70 British Films

- died of heart failure in 1975

- Doctor Personality: mysterious, "old and frail", sometimes ruthless, and grandfatherly

- suffered from undiagnosed arteriosclerosis - BBC science fiction television show

- main character: the Doctor (a Time Lord)

- the Doctor travels in Time and Space

- he saves worlds, and solves problems with a trusty companion

- it is the longest running T.V. show in history - best known for his sci-fi,
horror, thriller, and fantasy

- died of a third heart attack the
morning after his last screening
of a Doctor Who episode, in 1987

- Doctor Personality: childish,
clever, schemer, manipulative,

- Catchphrase: "When I say run, run!"

- Fun Facts - first actor to play Robin Hood on television

- his grandson, Harry Melling, plays the character of Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter films - a panelist on the British television show, Whodunnit?, based off the game of Cluedo

- was the starring role, Worzel Gummidge, in a children's television show based on Barbara Todd's books

- passed away from a heart attack in 1996

- Doctor Personality: suave, dapper,
technologically oriented, criticized authority

- Catch Phrase: "Now listen to me!"

- Fun Fact - his son, Sean Pertwee, was interested in in being the 11th Doctor to continue the legacy of his father - a voice actor, narrator, BBC announcer, and author of a short fantasy novel

- the character of Puddleglum, in the The Chronicles of Narnia (late 1990's)

- most famous for his portrayal of the 4th Doctor for seven years

- Doctor Personality: whimsical charm, brooding, strong moral code, warm, unpredictable behaviour

- Fun Facts - his scarf is one of the most iconic and loved symbols in Doctor Who because of its ridiculous length

- in the official "Doctor Who Magazine" he has only been beaten 3 times in the "Best Doctor Contest" - was the role of Tristan Farnon in the television version of James Herriot's, "All Creatures Great and Small"

- youngest actor to play the Doctor for 30 years

- left thinking he was too young and didn't want to be typecast

- Doctor Personality: vulnerable, sensitive, reserved, hated violence, boyish, could decipher the ingredients of a drink by smell alone

- Fun Facts - returned in a special episode alondside David Tennant in 2007, in a paradox situation

- his daughter, Georgia Moffett, married David Tennant in 2011 - was the character who killed the previous Doctor

- planned to beat Tom Baker's record of 7 years, but was dismissed

- has no relation to the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker

- Doctor Personality: volatile, full of himself, violent, loved cats

- the "unlikable Doctor" - had a small role in the film Dracula (1974)

- the Fool in the movie version of Shakepeare's "King Lear"

- Doctor Personality: bumbling, curious, easygoing, into a dark, driven game master

- Fun Fact - He is to portray the wizard, Radagast, alongside fellow King Lear actor Ian McKellen, in the future The Hobbit 3-part series - had small roles in The Three Musketeers, and Alien 3

- played the eighth incarnation of the Doctor in the Doctor Who 1996 television movie

- Doctor Character: loving, encouraging, romantic, prone to amnesia - starred in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Hamlet in "Hamlet" on stage

- only played the Doctor for one series because the acting and culture was exhausting and feared being typecast

- Doctor Personality: intellectual, scientific, intense, sassy, brave, wise

- Fun Fact - He has been cast as Malekith the Accursed in the upcoming Marvel superhero film Thor: The Dark World - was Barty Crouch Jr. in the Harry Potter films

- has been in many of Shakespeare's tragedys on stage

- was his childhood dream to be the Doctor

- Doctor Personality: light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty, cheeky, vengeful, sorrowful

- Fun Facts - He also won the National Television Awards award for Most Popular Actor in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010

- He was voted 16th Sexiest Man In The World by a 2008 Cosmopolitan survey. - was nominated for a BAFTA Award in 2011 for his role of the Doctor

- nominated in the Outstanding Drama Performance Category of the National Television Awards for his performance in his first series

- youngest actor to play the Doctor

- Doctor Personality: childish, energetic, quick to anger, authoritative, confident, compassionate Sonic Screwdriver Monsters Ood Weeping Angel Cybermen The Silence Slitheen Dalek
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