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The Black Plague - in the Beginning

No description

Gabbie Overcash

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of The Black Plague - in the Beginning

The Black Plague/Joan of Arc/The Fight Against the Muslims! YAY!
The Black Plague - in the Beginning
The plague started in China and spread throughout Asia, Persia, Syria, Egypt, India, and through Europe
Fleas carried around the disease, then gave it to rats, which gave it to humans
The Black Plague got its name because the swelling would happen in the groin, neck, and armpit, then it would turn red, to dark purple, then to black
The boils would ooze blood and puss
The plague would go in the Winter and come back in the Spring
It killed two thirds of Europe's population
If you had the Plague, you would mark your doors with a red cross so the other people would know to not go in.
If you got the plague you would die in the next 2-6 days.
Peoples Reaction
If you didn't have the disease you would try to stay away from someone that did and avoided rats/fleas.
Flagellants were a group of men thought the Black Death was a punishment from God and went from town to town whipping themselves
Children started the song Ring Around the Rosy
Alfonso XI of Castile died from the Plague, He was the king of Castile, Leon, and Galicia
People wearing bird masks (to protect them from the plague) would throw you on to a cart and then bury you if you were dead
Joan of arc
Spain and Portugal fight the Muslims
Joan of Arc is best known for leading the French in the Hundred Year War against the English
When King Charles first met Joan he dressed as a courtier to try and fool Joan. Joan, however, immediately approached the king and bowed to him.
When Joan traveled she cut her hair and dressed to look like a man.
King Charles of France, who Joan had helped to reclaim his throne, did nothing to help her once she was captured by the English.
In 1920, Joan of Arc was proclaimed a Saint of the Catholic Church.
Her nickname was "The Maid of Orleans".
It is said that Joan knew she would be wounded in the Battle of Orleans. She also predicted that something bad would happen at the city of Compiegne where she was captured.

Fun Facts
This plague struck England six times by the end of the century
It killed one point five million people out of an estimated total of four million people
Peasants were afraid the plague would strike their village/town
There was no medicine for the Plague
Our symbols and colors of our shield mean

Daisy- gentleness and innocents
Horse- Readiness for all employments for king and country
Jaguar- Power, ferosity, and valor; the power to face one’s fears
Hawk- One who does not rest until objective achieved
Blue- Truth and Loyalty
White- Peace and Sincerity
Red-Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity
Green-Hope, joy, and loyalty in love
Q- What spread the Bubonic plague?
A- Fleas
B- Rats
C- people lived very close together
D- All of the Above
What is the Black Plague called today?
A- Rat disease
B- Small Pox
C- Bubonic Plague
D- Bad disease
True or False
People would run around if they got the plague.
True or False
They had all of the medicine to treat the plague.
Joan of Arc was born a peasant and became a heroine of France
Was born in 1412 Domremy, France
At age 12 she began to have mystical visions
in the Visions she heard God tell her to renew the French Nation

Muslims ruled most of Spain and Portugal which made up the Iberian Penisula
Muslims developed a rich culture
Most Christians disagreed with the Muslim rule
Reconquista is the stuggling of the take back of the Iberian Peninsula by the Catholics
Over the next 200 years the Muslims started to gradually lose their land
All that remained of the Muslims was Granada (which was in the south)
Princess Isabella of Castile married Prince Ferdinand of Aragon
After their marriage, Isabella and Ferdinand forced all of Spain to become Catholic
Those that did not convert had to leave Spain
Most of them decided to leave Spain
Most of the Muslims went to North Africa
The Spanish Inquisition tried and tortured thousands of people charged with heresy

What where the people called that went to town whipping themselves?
What song song was sung during this tragic time?
A- Ring Around the Rosy
B- London Bridge is falling down
C- Twinkle, Twinke, Little star
D- I don't know
True or False?
If you got the disease and died, a person with a bird mask would come to take your body.
Chapter 15 Section 5
Visual Aids
For our visual aid we made a house with a bed to represent how people would stay in their houses to either stay away from the disease or to not spread the disease. Then we are going to do a little segment were someone is a plague doctor and questions the person with the plague. We also made cupcakes and cookies.
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