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Lies My Teacher Told Me -Chapter 5

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andrea nelson

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Lies My Teacher Told Me -Chapter 5

Who writes History? Americans are the ones that create our history, but is that who we learn it from in the classroom? We learn history from teacher lectures and textbooks. Over time, when fact is repeated and passed down, it can change what we believe is history as much as a phrase can change in the game telephone. When different people are given information they can change the details of the past and possibly hide the truth. When a teacher tells us something in class, we believe them. When we read a paragraph in a textbook we don't question it. But why not? We have been in the school around 10 years now and have been told for that long that textbooks and teachers are always right. However, reading a book of facts all day isn't only boring, now we have found out that the information is wrong. Now it is our job to find out what actually happened and use that knowledge for the future. How is this affecting us? Facts that we learned are lies Gone With the Wind Textbooks don't mention that the first non-native settlers in the United States were black
Three-way race religions Indian African European most textbooks completely leave out
Textbooks cover up the fact that racism was present and instead they create the idea that white men dominated.
We have had slavery longer than we have been free
After the Civil War black men were asking for civil rights
Novels had different views on slavery such as, Uncle Tom's Cabin that viewed slavery as an evil thing but Gone with the Wind saw it as an ideal social structure.
In textbooks we are told that taxes and other conflicts between the south and north and any other reason was the cause of the Civil War. However, the cause was in fact slavery. Chapter 5; Gone with the Wind Lies My Teacher
Told Me By Jenny Hafer and Hailey Jones Let's Get it Right! A New Way to Teach History Although this is a fabulous quote, if we do not know what are true history is we don't know the real mistakes we made and how to prevent them. We believe that History is pointless to learn about if what we learn isn't even always true. In our everyday learning we think that we should not just automatically trust what every book and every teacher says. Question it! Another way to improve our ability to learn history, is to connect it to ourselves and our lives. "History informs us of past mistakes from which we can learn without repeating them. It also inspires us and gives confidence and hope bred of victories already won." -William Hastie
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