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Allusions in Dante's Inferno

No description

Morgan Will

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Allusions in Dante's Inferno

Allusions in
Dante's Inferno

Morgan Will
Mallory Winter
Kristen Choi
Matt Theis
Who is Augustus?
o He was the first Roman emperor
o He was the grandnephew of Julius Caesar
o He was adopted because Julius Caesar
needed an heir
o He was credited with bringing 40 years of
peace to the Roman Empire
o He was declared a god upon his death
o He was appointed by the Roman

What Allusions does Dante make to Augustus in
The Inferno
o Virgil mentions being alive when Augustus
Caesar ruled Rome
o Virgil called Augustus a good man
o Virgil mentions Augustus when he and Dante
first meet in the Dark Wood
o He is specifically mentioned in Canto I,
Stanza 24:
"Sub Julio" was I born, though it was late,
And lived at Rome under the good Augustus,
During the time of false and lying gods."
What is the Acheron?
• In ancient Greek mythology, Acheron was known as
the river of woe, and was one of the five
rivers of the Hades.
• The Acheron is a very large and wide river that circles
around the vestibule of Hell. In Dante's
Inferno, the Acheron River forms the border of Hell.
• On the other side of Acheron lie Limbo and the court
of King Minos. Charon ferries souls across
this river to Hell. Those who were neutral in life sit
on the banks.
Virgil called it the principal river of Tartarus, from which the Styx and Cocytus both sprang. All three eventually descend through all of Hell and pool into the Ninth Circle, where they freeze and form Lake Cocytus.
What Allusions does Dante make to Acheron in
The Inferno

•Son of Anchises and Venus, cousin of the King Priam, and
commander of the Dardarian allies of Troy
•Was the second most respected Trojan war heroes
•Battled with Diomedes, Idomeneus, and Achilles
•Fled from battle only when the gods told him to
•In Aeneid, written by Virgil, Aeneas was stranded on
Carthage and has a love affair with Dido, the queen of
•Mercury is sent to remind Aeneas of his quest, and
Aeneas leaves (Dido, as a result, kills herself)
•Aeneas goes to Italy and asks for King Latinus’s help.
•Aeneas is betrothed to Latinus’s daughter, Lavinia, which
enrages Turnus, Lavinia’s previous fiance
•Turnus is spurred into declaring war with Aeneas by Juno
•Turnus is swiftly killed by Aeneas, ending the war
Who is Aeneas?
What Allusions does Dante make to Augustus in
The Inferno
In Dante’s Inferno, when Dante compares himself to two people, one of being which is Aeneas and the other Paul, before embarking on his journey through hell.
Who is Achilles?
o According to Greek Mythology, Achilles was a
Greek Trojan War hero
o It is said that he was a demigod, with his
mother, Thetis being and nymph, and his
father, Peleus, being the king of the myrmidons
o During the Trojan war, Achilles killed the Trojan
hero Hector
o He was killed by Paris towards the end of the
war. Paris is said to have shot him in the heel,
his only weak point.

What Allusions does Dante make to Achilles in
The Inferno
In Dante’s Inferno, Dante sees Achilles in the second level of hell. Achilles is here because he was tricked into meeting the Trojan Princess Polyxena in the temple of Apollo.
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