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NUCOT (Comic Style)

No description

Jomains Neo

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of NUCOT (Comic Style)

Your brief to us
Our Objectives
The Story
NUCOT - National University Centre for Organ Transplantation is a clinic in NUH specialising in organ (kidney, liver & pancreas) transplantation
A center of excellence for organ (kidney, liver & pancreas) transplantation
To build & promote awareness of organ transplantation or donation to the public at large and healthcare professionals
live organ donation
deceased organ donation
Our Approach:

The fall of Planet-Human
After a long drawn battle, the organs are weakened
Hence, an SOS signal has been sent to NUCOT for reinforcement
NUCOT the Savior
Captain Liver
Wonder Kidney
Super Pancreas
The Superheroes
Limitless Strength
- strong, muscular arms to "breakdown" toxic villains
Regenerative Healing factor
- ability to heal itself quickly
Hero 1: Captain Liver (leader)
Sketch of character
- it filters healthy blood
citizens & traps the
toxin villains
Hero 2: Wonder Kidney
Captain America-inspired
Equipped with filtered shield
Sketch of character
- ability to produce enzymes to ease the flow of digestive system
Enzymes Beam
Sketch of character
The battle
The superheroes came & worked together to rescue Planet-Human, assisting the weak planet to rejuvenate its healing process
Activation Ideas
Road Show
Display Panels: Featuring our key messages & takeaways
Interactive Panels
Optional: Customised Comic Book
Contest: Learn, Play and Win
Answer 5 simple questions
Stand a chance to participate in the lucky draw (medical checkup voucher)
Key Message
Estimated Investment
Home base of the superhero trio:
Roving road show across 4 public hospitals (NUHS, Tan Tock Seng, KTPH, JGH)
Contest: Learn, Play & Win
To increase awareness for:
Organ transplantation
A hard fact, dry content
May not elicit any interest
DC Comics Fan
in Singapore
The superheroes triumphed the battle against the toxin villains, making Planet-Human a healthy, peaceful planet
Don't want to talk & know about it
Total U.S. Comic Book Fan Facebook Population
To give a serious topic a chance to be:
without using the authoritative tone

Hero 3: Super Pancreas
The donors Superhero
What's their superpower?
The ability to give someone a brand new life.
The superheroes continue to assist and save other planets who need NUCOT's aid
Giving new life, spreading peace & good health to other planets
A better Planet-Human
Thank you
Softer Approach
to a serious subject matter to interest & involve the public
Clinical Approach
For more information, please contact:
Miko Tan
Manager, Events
+65-9366 2535
Do you know your Superpower?
Have the professional and polished
look & feel to it BUT it may only appeal to the healthcare sector
- eliminate the public channel
Do we take the clinical approach?
Visual channel
Resonate to our core market at large, which is the public
People are more interested in something more relaxing
Graphic Policy
1 Nov 2013
Comics appeal to all ages, especially those in the age group of 17 to 49.
It attracts both genders as well.
11 Nov 2013
DC Comics is the largest English language
publisher of comic books in the world who
created Superman, Batman and more.
There is an increasing trend in the number of
people who likes comics in the past 3 months
+ 4.22%
"From the past till present, comics have always been a integral element of our newspapers, as well as an important part of our collective memories..."
- Ms Lee Huay Leng, Deputy Editor of Lianhe Zaobao

With comics being an essential component in newspaper of Singapore, it makes it easily relatable to people.
"Some were unhappy over the reduction in space reserved for the comics section."

Dissatisfaction over space reduction shows the appreciation and passion of Singaporeans over comics.
- Helen Chia, The Straits Times, Life! Editor
"Globally, the profile of comics' readership is becoming more diverse. Comics now carry more adult content sophisticated themes, complex plots and artwork."

The diversity in readership could mean that more people are starting to read comics and started to learn to appreciate this form of art.
- Media Development Authority
25 July 2013
12 Sep 2013
18 Oct 2013
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