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Peer Assisted Learning Strategies

Peer Assisted Learning Strategies, or PALS, is a program in which students tutor others students in the areas of reading and math.

Meaghan Kilpatrick

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Peer Assisted Learning Strategies

Peer Assisted Learning Strategies Importance Effectiveness Discription PALS is a program students tutor each other in the areas of reading and math. It is extrememly beneficial in helping students to overcome their learning deficiencies. PALS has been shown to improve the performance of low-achieving students and enhance the abilities of averge and high-achieving students. PALS is designed to be incorporated into the existing curriculum. The program consists of 25-35 minute sessions implemented 2-4 times a week. Once the students have been trained to use PALS, they are paired together to work towards completing a task. PALS was originally designed for 2nd to 6th grade students, however the program is now available to students from kindergarten through high school. PALS is available to students with a wide variety of skills and abilities, including mainstreamed students with disabilities , low-achieving students, average-achieving students, low-achieving students, and English as a Second Language (ESL) students.
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