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Learning Using Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)

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Transcript of Learning Using Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)

Learning Using Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)
for Primary School

What is IWB
A big screen which allows computer images to be displayed onto a board using a digital projector.

Element projected on screen can be manipulated by using finger or electronic pen as a mouse, directly on the screen.

Items can be dragged, clicked, rotated, layered and copied and the teacher can handwrite notes, which can be transformed into text and saved
What it looks like
Conceptual Understanding
Children tends to think critically when more stimulus e.g: audio, video & internet is provided when using IWB thus give conceptual understanding
Children when use or given a new, great and magnificent device will be highly motivated in their learning
Idea Sharing
Using features of IWB, now the whole class can watch, share idea and contribute to the discussion
Kids love learning using IWB compare to dull textbook thus more likely to engage to lessons
Children are connected with 'outside world' by using internet.
Collaborative learning occur which leads to better understanding.

What is IWB capable of
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