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Copy of Spiderman's Hero Quest

No description

Daniel McGrath

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Spiderman's Hero Quest

The Hero's Quest Spiderman The Beginning the resurrection crossing the first threshold the ordeal Peter Parker's call to adventure is getting bitten by the super-spider in the science lab. This gives Peter the abilities he needs to fight crime as Spider-man. At first, Peter tries to use his abilities to try to get money by fighting for $3,000. After the fight, Peter was not paid the full $3,000. The Call to Adventure Peter's Ordinary World Peter's mentors are his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Peter's relationships with his mentors are parent/child relationships.They are unaware of Peter's spider abilities. Peter's meets with one of his mentors when his Uncle drives him to the library. Peter is actually going to fight. Uncle Ben tells Peter : "With great power comes great responsibility." Meeting with the Mentor Peter's call to adventure is a call to heroism. Peter refuses to be a hero when he does not stop the thief who robs the fight promoter who didn't pay Peter the full $3,000 for fighting. This Refusal will eventually lead to Peter becoming Spider-man even faster than if he never refused at all The Refusal of the Call When Peter returns to where Uncle Ben is, he finds that Uncle Ben has been shot. Peter chases the killer to a warehouse where he discovers that the killer is actually the thief that Peter let go at the fight building. Then the killer falls to his death. After this there is no turning back. Peter feels responsible for Uncle Ben's death and he crosses the first threshold by dedicating his life to fighting crime as Spider-man. Peter was his own threshold guardian because he did not want to use his powers to become a hero. Crossing the First Threshold The Ordeal happens at the World Unity Festival. The Green Goblin, Norman Osborn. attacks The Board Members of Oscorp, The company Norman Osborn was the head of. Norman had been recently fired. The Green Goblin kills some of the board members and causes an explosion that nearly kills Mary Jane, but Peter saves her as Spider-man. This is the ordeal because Peter's world would be permanently changed if he had not passed it and saved Mary Jane. The Ordeal Peter's reward from the ordeal is Mary Jane's life and the lives of many other innocent civilians and also new knowledge. His new knowledge is that there is a new super-villain around, and he is dangerous. Peter still does not know who the Green Goblin really is. The Reward The road back is getting back to the ordinary world and using the knowledge that was gained from the ordeal. Peter learned that the Green Goblin is dangerous and that he should watch out for him. During this time, Peter fights the goblin in a burning building, but this time he uses his spider sense to warn him of the goblin's attack. Peter is badly cut but escapes. At the Thanksgiving dinner, Norman Osborn, Harry's father, sees the cut on Peter's arm and knows that Peter is Spider-man. He leaves suddenly because he knows he was fighting Peter. The Road Back The approach to the inmost cave is very similar to tests, allies, and enemies. This is the period where Peter gains knowledge about himself and the crime he is fighting. Being Spider-man is becoming a new ordinary world. These criminals Peter fights as Spider-man prepare him to be able to fight the main antagonist, the Green Goblin, in the ordeal. Approach to Inmost Cave ordinary world Peter's ordinary world is New York City. At the beginning of the movie his ordinary world is being at home with his aunt and uncle. Science is a big part of his ordinary world. Peter is also comfortable around his best friend, Harry. call to adventure meeting with the mentor tests, allies, Enemies. The End the reward the road back approach to the inmost cave the return with the elixir refusal of the call The Resurrection is the climax or point of highest emotional intensity in the story. Peter has a big choice to make when the Goblin is going to drop the bus and Mary Jane. He ends up saving both of them by catching them both and setting them all down on a barge that appeared under them. After this the Goblin carries Peter to an abandoned building and fights him. Peter ends up winning, which shows mastery over the villain. The Goblin takes off his helmet and is Norman Osborn. The Goblin ends up dying from his own Glider because Peter jumped out of the way. The Resurrection The End This stage is fulfilled in the cemetery at the funeral for Harry's dad. Peter now knows that his life is too dangerous to have a wife or girlfriend and he tells Mary Jane that he can only ever be her friend. Peter finds his hidden self knowledge that is he is Spider-man. He realizes that wit his great power comes a great responsibility, and that responsibility is saving people. The Return With the Elixir Some of Peter's tests are learning how to effectively use his powers, getting a job as a photographer, and having to deal with negative rumors about Spider-man. The enemies he makes are pretty much all villains or bad guys. His allies include Mary Jane, Aunt May, and Harry Osborn. Harry is a good friend and Peter helps him with school. Mary Jane has always been the person Peter loves, and Aunt May is a mentor, but is Peter's friend and gives him good advice. Tests, Allies, Enemies
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