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Digital Passport Initiative

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Wendy Henderson

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Digital Passport Initiative

What is DPI?
The Digital Passport Initiative is a one-to-one (1:1) (student to laptop) initiative of the Limestone County School District. Under the supervision of Dr. Tom Sisk, Limestone County is dedicated to providing a device per student which will serve as their "Passport" to 21st Century Learning. This initiative is not a device initiative; it is a curriculum initiative which will allow students to use the device for instructional purposes to advance learning. A 1:1 initiative has proven to increase test scores and student attendance and decrease student discipline in districts all across America.
Taking Care of the MacBook Air
Do not leave anything on the keyboard when closing the device.
Keep only your device in your school assigned case when it is not being used. Students must use the case provided and cannot use any other personal case to transport the laptop during school.
Do not drop the case on the floor, use it as a backpack or backrest on the bus, or put heavy books on it.
Keep the device away from dampness or wet weather, such as rain, snow or fog.
Do not allow pets near the laptop.
Keep the device away from extreme heat or cold. Leaving it in an unventilated car or in the sun could damage it. If your computer has been exposed to extreme temperatures, let it reach room temperate before using it or turning it on. The device works best from 50 degrees to 95 degrees.
Close the lid gently from the center before moving the computer. Remember, hard drives do not like to be bounced around, and screens will break if enough pressure is applied to them.
The laptop must be returned in similar condition - no stickers, scratches, writing, engravement or defacement.
Digital Passport Initiative
Blue Springs Elementary School

Why Us? Why Now?
Mission of the Alabama State Board of Education
To provide a state system of education which is committed to academic excellence and which provides education of the highest quality to all Alabama students, preparing them for the 21st century.

Purpose of the Digital Passport Initiative
Limestone County School is focused on providing resources for our K-12 students and staff to become immersed in a Digital Conversion. The purpose of the Digital Passport Initiative is to employ technology in ways that improve teaching and learning through increased student engagement while teaching the Alabama state-approved curriculum standards

Today's Learners
Today's learners have grown up in a digital world. Many have cell phones, computers, multi-dimensional video entertainment, iPods, the Internet, and they have never seen a TV without a remote control. Our children are hyper communicators, goal planners, multi-taskers, experts at figuring out and using technology. They are active learners and we must reach them on
their level!
Device to be Issued
Using the MacBook Air

Set up the device on a flat/stable work surface.
Do not eat or drink while using the device.
When attaching the charger to the device, make sure the cord is not stretched too tight; it should be a little loose.
Do not insert things, especially metal, into any openings of the device.
Be patient. Sometimes computers take a few seconds to think, so do not start pounding the keys if your computer does not respond right away.
Plug in the device at home and charge your battery daily so it will be fully charged during the school day.
The device does not have a replaceable battery.
Back up your data and other important files regularly. Limestone County will perform maintenance on the laptops by reimaging. All files not backed up to server storage or another storage device may be deleted during the process.

Apple's iLife Suite of software provides teachers and students the ability to express themselves and create digital content with ease which can be integrated into any area of the curriculum and also shared with the community. It is by far the easiest software to create digital content and will only run on Apple equipment. Students will utilize: iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Keynote, PhotoBooth, Safari, iBooks, iTunes, along with other free and purchased apps.
Digital Citizenship/Internet Safety
All students are required to complete a Digital Citizenship curriculum before they are able to take their laptops home. This curriculum consists of five online modules which take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Students will receive a certificate after completing all five modules.

M1: Communication
M2: Privacy
M3: Cyberbullying
M4: Searching Online
M5: Creative Credit
School Internet Use
Limestone County Schools provides server-based internet filtering software which is pre-loaded on the student devices. It is designed to function at any time a student accesses the Internet - both in and out of school.

When clicking on an Internet browser, students are required to login to the Internet using their username and password. This helps prevent unauthorized users from accessing the Internet on the student's device.

However, no content filter is capable of preventing all access to all online content that is not school-related and/or inapproriate. The most important filter is parental supervision.
Home Internet Use
Suggested Guidelines
Set and enforce rules for Internet use.

Keep the laptop in a common room and not in a bedroom with the door closed

Set a time limit for the Internet, instant messaging, social networking sites, online gaming, etc.

Keep a record of all login names and passwords.

Know your students email address and check their email periodically.

Check your child's Internet history. To check the history:
Safari - History, Show History
Chrome - History, Show Full History
If your child's history is empty, ask why!
Document Receipt
DPI Brochure
Responsible Use Policy
Usage Fee
Damage, Repair and Replacement Agreement
Apple Notebooks Points of Emphasis
Websites for Parents on the Digital World
Free WiFI Access Locations in Athens
Wi-Fi Access at Clements Baptist Church
Frequently Asked Questions

All of these handouts can be accessed online at the
Blue Springs website
Folder Contents
No right of privacy exists in the use of technological resources. Students should not assume that files or communications accessed, downloaded, created or transmitted using school district technological resources or stored on services or hard drives of individual computers will be private.
11 inch MacBook Air laptop
1. Brenthaven laptop case
2. Charger block with removal plug
3. Extension cord for the charger
4. Name badge for laptop case
Software on MacBook
Cleaning Your MacBook Air
Do not spray cleaners or liquids directly onto the computer.
Use only a soft, lint-free cloth. Abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, and similar items may cause damage to the item.
Disconnect your Apple product from any external power sources and disconnect any external devices and other cabling from the device before cleaning.
Keep liquids away from the product.
Do not get moisture into any openings, and do not use aerosol sprays, solvents or abrasives.
Each laptop is labeled with a district asset tag. Do not remove this label.
Protecting Your MacBook Air
Be wary of theft, it is very easy to walk away with a device.
Keep in constant contact with your computer.
Do not leave your device unattended.
Whenever possible, lock up your device.
Do not loan out the device, charger, or cords.
Battery Tips for Your MacBook Air
Initial charge - overnight
Bring to school fully charged each day
Leave your charger in your laptop case at all times when not in use.
The laptop has a battery life up to 9 hours and a 30-day standby mode, from a full charge.
Device has a lithium-based battery and it is important to keep the electrons in it moving occasionally. Apple does not recommend leaving it plugged in all the time. The student should charge the device at night, use it all during the school day, and then charge again when needed.
Cyberbullying Tips for Parents
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