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fishy hands

No description

fishy hands

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of fishy hands

Fishy Hands: Water conservation project!
fishy hands
By: Jorey DeGroat ,Kylee Degroat ,Kiersten Tsosie and Margaret McNeal
mission statement
our mission is to keep your hands clean while saving money on you're water bill using affordable supplies at your local hardware store.
Target Market
Are you tired of wasting water and letting it run down the drain? Well our product will conserve water in a fun and engaging way especially with children of all ages . Our target market is to sell our helping products to families that have high water bills and people that are using too much water.

How our prototype works
Our prototype works by using clean tap water to wash your hands and conserve water while doing it. The water is gravity fed to our jug then it is drained to the sink when you step on the foot petal. This helps to conserve water by not letting the fish die from the draining process.
''Still clean no fees''
What materials we used to make our product affordable and durable
We used Plumber’s putty, 5 Gallon bucket, Cork, PVC Pipes and connections, Teflon Tape (if needed) Ply Wood, Irrigation Hose Half Inch, toilet Fill Valve.
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