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No description

joe zimmerman

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of gangs

gangs types activites
history notable -street gangs,commonly known
drug dealers -prision gangs,prisioners that throw riots -outlaw motorcycle gangs,target small towns and cause a lot of damage extortion, hand signals that form shapes
(like stars) or words(like blood) most street gangs take over
"turf" of other gangs 1:Russian Mafia
-since 1970's
-called themselves
thieves of law
-murdered 95 bankers
in 5 years 2:The Crips
-African American gang
-one of the biggest gangs
in the US 3:MS13 gang
-wanted to become
#1 gang in the us
- 1 hated gangs by FBI and police -exsitanct since
inhabitant of Earth -Grown more deadly
than long ago - In 1850 reported
more than 200 gang wars
fought mostly by
youth gangs -Poor children in London
survived by joining pick
pocketing gangs drug trafficing murder
robbery kidnapping tattoos
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