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Texas Revolution

No description

Whitney Hemmitt

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Texas Revolution

The Battle of San Jacinto The First Battle of the Texas Revolution Battle of Goliad The Battle of the Alamo Battle of Coleto Creek (Goliad Massacre) When and Where the battle was fought? When and Where: By: Whitney Hemmitt Texas Revolution The Battle Of Gonzales The first battle of the Texas Revolution was the Battle of Gonzales. The battle marked the begining of the conflict that the world would wrest the area of Texas away from the Mexican government. A minor military conflict fought unorganized armies, the Battle of Gonzales ended in a Mexican withdrawal, a Texan victory and an additional seven months of fighting. Where and When was the Battle of Ganzales? October 2, 1835
Gonzales, Texas Important People Fought in the Battle of Gonzales. Francisco de Castañeda (Castonado), lieutenant in the Mexican army and commander of the Mexican contingent at the Battle of Gonzales. John Henry Moore, he is said to have designed the "Come and Take It" banner. He was elected colonel of the volunteer army, and after serving as a member of the council of war called to discuss the best means of protection against the enemy. Ratio in Mexican and Texan soldiers. Francisco de Castaneda had 100 men. (Mexican) Colonel John H. Moore had 150 men. (Texan) The Battle of Goliad was a short battle, lasting only about 30 minutes. The Texan colonists attacked Goliad because it was lightly protected by soldiers. When and Where was the Battle of Goliad? early in the morning on October 10, 1835 at presidio La Bahia Important People Involved in the Battle of Goliad. Some Texas leaders include Colonel James Fannin and Captin George Morse Collinsworth, who led the Texas colonists into Goliad. A Mexican leader is General Martin de Cos, who started to lead the Mexicans to presidio La Bhia, but decided against it. Ratio of Mexican soldiers to Texan soldiers Texans had about 120 militia soldiers. The Mexican soldiers had about 50 infantry soldiers. Militia: a military force of civilians to supplement a regular army in an emergency. Infantry; soldiers fighting and marching on foot. Outcome of the Battle of Goliad The Texans stole $10,000 worth stock of food and several cannons (later used in the Siege of Bexar). The Texans also gained courage due to an easy defeat, they began to think as the Mexicans as "weak". The Texans win caused the guards of presidio La Bahia to be isolated and have to wait for reinforcements. When and Where? February 23-March 6, 1836 San Antonio, Texas Important People/Leaders These included Tennessee congressman David Crockett
entrepreneur-adventurer James Bowie
Mexican president Antonio López de Santa Anna
Although not nationally famous at the time, William Barret Travis achieved lasting distinction as commander at the Alamo. Ratio of Mexican soldiers and the Texans The Texans had 180-250 men. The Mexicans had 4,000 but only about 1,500 showed up. Outcome of the Battle of the Alamo The Mexicans won because they killed all of the Texans. This battle showed the strength of Mexican army. The ratio was 5:7 The ratio is 12:1. Ratio was 20:1 John Henry Moore Francisco de Castaneda Colonel James Fnnnin Battle was fought from March 19- 20, 1836. It took place in Goliad county. Important People Fought in this battle. Texas commander, James W. Fannin Jr. General Jose de Urrea led a branch of the Mexian army. I Hope U Enjoyed!! :-) The outcome of this battle: the Mexicans won April 21, 1836 People Involved in this battle: Texan leader- General Houston Mexican leader- Santa Ana Ratio: Texans had approximately 900 men The Mexicans had approximately 1,300 men. Present- day city of Houston Outcome of this battle: Texas won independence from Mexico. The capture of Santa Ana Thanks 4 watching!! The End!!!
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