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Teachers Guide to Technology

No description

Patrick McMahon

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Teachers Guide to Technology

So want to learn a little more about Google Docs?

Check out these videos!
Parent View
Parents receive notifications for student grades, assignments and events
Parents can only view posts by their student or posts and assignments sent by a teacher (no visibility into other students’ activity)
Parents can send direct messages to teacher and/ or student
Parents can view only their own students’ grades
Parents are invited to a group by each of their students’ teachers.
What is Edmodo?
Free social learning network for teachers, students, parents, schools and districts
Provides an engaging platform for blended learning and safe, productive social networking
Safe and easy way to:
Exchange ideas
Share content
Access homework, grades and school notices.
Student view
Students can only send messages to the entire group or directly to the teacher
Students receive notifications for new grades, new assignments, alerts or replies
Unlimited storage for documents, videos and other resources
Students can only join groups, they cannot create them
Manage Groups
Create sub-groups within your groups
Access Parent Codes, award badges and remove members
View grades, reset passwords and set students to “read only”
Create a Quiz
Select to create a new quiz or load a previously created one
Write directions or a message
Allow students to see their results
Give the quiz a title
Set the time limit
Grading Quizzes
Post quiz and automatically add scores to gradebook
View number of correct responses by question
Sort by student
Select individual students to view their responses, and grade short answer questions
School and District Communities (for subdomains)
Encourage school and district-wide communication
Schedule school and district-wide meetings and events
social networking goes to school
Join Subject and Content Communities
Post assignments, reminders, polls, or discussion questions
Encourage collaboration and participation in classroom discussions
Store unlimited content for easy re-use and sharing
Teacher Landing Page
Create Groups for Classes and Clubs
For the Classroom
Update Your Account Settings
Customize email or text notification
Choose your privacy settings
Upload a photo or select an icon from our list
Select your School and connect with your peers
Create a Group For Your Class (just 3 steps!)
1. Select Create on groups menu
2. Complete group info
3. Distribute code to group members
Post a Message
Embed videos, attach files, links or any documents from your Edmodo Library collection
Send a message to a group, or post direct messages to specific students or teacher connections
Select to post a note, alert, assignment or poll
Create and Add Questions
Select question type
Write question
Write answers and choices
Add questions
Add answer choices
Closed environment
No private information required from students
Students join classes by the invitation of their teacher only
Students cannot directly message one another
All communications are archived
Teacher has full management control
Sub domains allow district administrators greater control
Create Your Profile
Claim your personal URL
Add any previous schools you have worked at
Tell people about yourself
Student Sign-up
Student must have group code to register
Students are NOT required to give email address
Access badges from Group Member list or Student Profile.
Award Badges to encourage your students.
Use pre-loaded badges or create your own.
Create an Assignment
View and grade assignments as students turn them in
Click “Load Assignment” to easily pull up a previously given assignment
Mobile Access
Get updates and notifications on the go with Edmodo mobile app available for:
iPhone/ iPod/ iPad
Android devices
Access Edmodo on any mobile browser at m.edmodo.com
Professional Development
Select “Professional Development” as Subject area and distribute group code to attendees
Creating a PD Group
Post discussion questions, polls and training materials
Note: Image reflects data as of Oct’11
Founded in late 2008, now transforming classrooms for millions of users worldwide
Create Your Account
Complete your profile

Create a group and invite students.

Post class materials and initial discussion questions

Join a subject or content community to make connections and access material for the classroom
First Steps for Getting Started
Edmodo Library
Unlimited Storage,
accessible anywhere!
Organize library into folders and share files and folders with groups
Upload, store and edit content to your personal library
Grading Assignments
Comments allow you to provide feedback on assignments and students are notified immediately. Students can also comment back and a permanent record is kept for reference.
Students can attach documents, links or embed video, avoiding paper or use of thumb drives
Export option allows you to transfer grades to another program
Scores are updated automatically after each assignment is graded and recorded
Add class events, school events or view scheduled assignments
Filter by group or view all
Content and Subject Area Communities
Follow subject and content communities to connect and share best practices with other teachers
Access digital content to support classroom instruction
• Choose from hundreds of apps
• More extensive grading and skills tracking
• Add custom functionality
• Connect with developers
Coming Soon (Summer 2012)
Parent Sign-up
Parent must have parent code to register
Filter by student and add additional students
Parents can view posts sent to the parent group
View notifications
and teachers
Parent Account Overview
Set text or email notifications
Upload a profile photo
Account Settings
Change password and personal information
Filter by student and class
Select an assignment to view teacher comments/feedback
Parent accounts on Edmodo are a great way to enable parents to stay up to date on their child’s classroom activities, assignments, grades and school events.

Parents can:
View any posts you have marked “public” within their student’s groups
View their student’s homework assignments, due dates and grades
Receive updates on class and school events via email or text notifications
Edmodo for Parents
View past and upcoming months
Filter calendar by student
Send direct messages to teachers
Sending Messages
Introduction to Parent Accounts
Overview of Edmodo
Intro to Edmodo for Students
10 Ways a Teacher
Can Use Google Doc's

Google Docs in Action
Getting Started
Intro to Prezi
Why Prezi?
Google Docs
An Overview for Educators
Makes planning and admin tasks easier
Teachers create and share lesson plans, meeting notes, and contact information in Google Docs
Anywhere access & collaboration
Google Docs is different:
Documents are saved online and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection
Collaboration: Multiple people can work together on the same document. No need to email documents back and forth
Access documents from anywhere
Students can work from both school and home since documents are stored securely online
All you need is browser and internet connection, no software version requirements
No more “I forgot my work” excuses
Add collaborators to documents
After students invite you to their documents:
you can review, comment, and grade their work at any time
it's hard for students to tell fibs when you can see their work at all times
Also, students can work together on projects and get peer feedback
Spreadsheet forms simplify data collection
Create a survey or poll in a few easy steps
Your respondents’ data appears in your spreadsheet as they fill it out
Online presentations
You can import existing PowerPoint presentations or create new ones from scratch
Insert images and videos, and format your slides to fit your preferences.
Publish and embed your presentations in a website, allowing access to a wide audience.
Example Exercises
Essays (individual or co-edited)
Collaborative research papers (history, geography, science)
Collaborative book reports
Creative writing (script writing, poetry)
Writing portfolios

Stock portfolio (live data)
Graphs, charts, and data presentation techniques

Presenting group research
Active student participation during a presentation
Google Docs
Google Docs is a free, web-based word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tool that allows you to create and edit documents from anywhere and collaborate with multiple people at the same time.
Saves changes automatically
Google Docs saves automatically, on a regular basis. Each change is tracked as a new revision. You can see exactly what’s been revised, by whom, and when.
“Teachers are able to individually assess student participation and content using the revision tab on Google Docs to see how editing is proceeding and to encourage students as they work.”         - Technology coordinator, Lafayette, CA
Collaboration gets students excited and engaged
“Students love it, no more coaxing kids to do their writing assignments. They beg to go to the computer lab to work on a collaborative assignment with their partner.”
- High School Journalism teacher, Palo Alto, CA
Folders organize your students’ work
Folders keep student work organized
Standard naming schemes allow you to sort by “Name” to easily find a class period
Writing for an authentic audience
Publish a document to make it visible to an authentic audience: parents, peers, and friends
You can even publish directly to your blog.
Students can chat while others are presenting
“One student talked aloud while everyone listened and chatted about the presentation… For the first time I can EVER remember as a teacher - 100% of the students were engaged in the presentation and participated in the chat. The students were enthusiastic and offered insightful and appropriate comments.“
        - Computer Applications teacher, Beaverton, OR
Visit the Google Docs page

on the Google for Educators site

to get other Google Docs resources.

How Google Docs helps educators and students
Not just documents…

Spreadsheets and presentations,
Online spreadsheets
Welcome to my guide.

You will be introduced to some very useful and cool tools for teaching.

These FREE
can really enhance the classroom.

Be a Techie Teacher!
There are a lot of technolgy
options out there. It can be daunting to know where to start. I suggest starting with these.
( :
( :
( :
: )
: )
: )
: )
: c )
: )
There is some powerful
software out there to help
you reach your students.
Introduction to Edmodo
Thank you!

I hope this guide introduced you to some
technoligies that can help in your classroom.
How Google
Doc's works.

Students and teachers talk
about using Google Doc's
You can even put old PowerPoints into Prezi
To navigate use the arrow keys. If a video takes awhile to load be patient. Video load based on the speed of your internet connection.
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