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Dash and Lily's Book of Dares

No description

Noah Crouch

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of Dash and Lily's Book of Dares

Dash and Lily's Book of Dares

The majority of the book takes place in New York City, NY. The story takes place in modern time, but specifically during the end of year holidays, like Christmas and New Year's.
Dash- short for Dashiell, a teenage boy with a love of books

Lily- a girl with the same love of books, has a rocky life with family and tends to prefer animals over humans

Boomer- a messenger of sorts for Dash and Lily, always there when the red notebook fails

Plot (cont.)
Climax- After a disastrous Christmas night, Lily KIND OF gets super drunk along with her "friend", Edgar. A friend of his comes to pick Lily up, and that just happens to be Dash, the same person Lily was connecting to with words through the notebook. Not a great first impression.
Exposition- Dash finds a red notebook in his favorite book store, The Strand. He finds that it connects him and a girl named Lily, who shares the same love of books and poetry as Dash.

Rising Action- Dash and Lily continue to connect with each other through the notebook, and they start daring the other to do things pertaining to the Christmas season. Lily is told to make her own Muppet at the height of the shopping season at FAO Schwartz. Dash has to feel up the Santa at the mall for a clue as to how to connect with Lily next.
Plot (cont.)
Falling Action- Dash and Lily don't meet up for a few days. Lily fights with her parents via Skype yet again. Dash meets up with Sofia, his ex-girlfriend, but nothing happens between them, as Dash knows he's already met the person he wants to be with.

Resolution- After pulling some strings, Dash and Lily are able to spend their New Year's Eve in The Strand, the same place where their love first began. Well, they DO lock themselves in the basement and have to call for help at 12 something in the morning, but turbulence was always part of their relationship.
Theme and Conflict
Theme- words speak louder than action
Over half the book takes place before Dash and Lily have any face to face conversation (and over 3/4 before it's coherent), but their bond was formed from their mutual love from words, poetry, and etymology.

Conflict- The central conflict of the story is fright of the unknown as well as trust. Neither of the characters know what the other is truly like, but they have faith, through words, they'll be meant for each other.
Text Connection
Text to World:

The main conflict of the story and the character of Lily remind me of Lindsey Stirling's story for her album Shatter Me. Both she and Lily have a fear of breaking the shell they're encased in, but they know that it has to happen for their future to have any chance of being happy or normal.
I would give this book a thumbs up. It has some enjoyable scenes, some occasionally comedic writing, and memorable characters. It's short, but tells the story it needs to tell. Any one looking for a fun read around the holidays would really enjoy this book.
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