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Pros and Cons of Colonizing on the Moon

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matt/josh eliot/morrsion

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Colonizing on the Moon

- The moon is made up of similar elements found on Earth so we could function on the moon, similarly to functioning on earth.

Pros Pt.2
- Useful minerals can be found on the moon. These resources could help build shelters, help make fuel and oxygen and in all sustain

-People can't go outside due to the body not being used to the change in oxygen and gravity

Pros #3
-There is more room on the Moon for Earth inhabitants. Scientist say that the earth can only hold 10 billion people. There are already 7 billion people so soon we wont be able to hold anymore people.
Cons #3
-Meteoroids can cause "moonquakes" worse than quakes on Earth. For protection we will need to make better living areas which will take more materials to build.
Cons Pt 2
-If humans were to survive they would need water and food. There is not very much water to collect on the moon. The only water, scientists have found is in one of its biggest craters, which would not be able to sustain people for very long.

Pros and Cons of Colonizing on the Moon

Pros #4
- In an emergency it is the closest object to the earth. It would be the easiest place to live so, if there was ever an emergency and you had to get back to earth, it is the closest and it would be the quickest to get to home.
Cons #4
-There also wouldn't be many places to put waste. we would been to bring extra equipment to make some sort of landfill which could cost millions.
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