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Open House 2010

No description

Vicki King

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Open House 2010

The goal is to get or stay healthy while having FUN! You have to wear a gym suit
and proper footwear. You DO NOT have to take a shower though people might like you better if you do! :-) The Exploratory Program
Fine Arts and vocational exploratories are just that...a time to explore.
Students will spend one week on each of the following topics in art:
Drawing, painting, sculpture, multi-media, Art History, and judgment, criticism, and aesthetics

In Introduction to Agriscience, 6th grade students
study the basic concepts of agriculture, including the
impact of agriculture on the economy; agricultural products from farm to dinner table; plant systems; lab safety; woodworking; and, careers in agriculture. Band

The Power of Music Education
Numerous studies have proven that music education dramatically increases early brain development and improves students' overall academic performance. It improves reading and math performance and SAT scores. It develops quick and decisive thinking and provides important experiences. In Band, students have the opportunity to experience The Power of Music and learn to play the instrument of their choice.

The music exploratory enables students to experience and learn about music with a hands-on approach. Throughout this course the student will learn various aspects of music, including melody, rhythm, composers, instrumental (Orff) music, drums, guitar, recorders, and very basic music theory. Sixth graders in the music exploratory enjoy playing various instruments together in class. Each student learns all the parts so that they can move from instrument to instrument playing tunes in harmony. Selections vary based on ability.

Computer Technology
Students learn proper keyboarding techniques through the use of specialized software and the Microsoft Office programs. Completed projects will include business cards, mailing labels, calendars, and more! Family & Consumer Science
In FACS class, 6th grade students will learn
the history of FACS & FCCLA (a national club)
all about families
how to use a sewing machine
food safety
how to identify various kitchen tools
how to prepare easy recipe Technology Education
In the Introduction to Technology class, students will
learn how to create a paper airplane; create a Sail Car project; construct a wooden robot; and, learn about technology based careers.

Trust us...Technology HAS brought Mr. Fair into the millenium!!!

Top 10 Things Parents Can Do
to Create a Successful Middle School Experience Make sure your student
gets enough sleep Check planners daily for
homework assignments,
upcoming tests, etc. Get to know your
student's teachers Contact a teacher immediately
if you have a question, a problem,
or a concern Make sure your student knows you have high expections for grades Make sure your student
knows you have high expectations for behavior Create a place for homework Send your student to school
EVERY day unless he is contagious Ask your student what was
learned in school each day. Provide appropriate nutrition
for your growing adolescent #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 You don't have to take a shower
but your friends will probably like
you better if you do!
In P.E. class we provide a variety of activities, including our two days a week of cardiovascular. Some of the activities provided are:
Four Square Volleyball Cup Stacking Four Square Badminton
Tether Ball Ping Pong Taps Magnetic Darts Knock Out Electronic Darts
jump Roping Weight Room Double Dutch Treadmill Bocce Ball Recumbent Bike
3 On 3 Basketball Spin Cycle Bike Air Hockey Flag football Dance Activities Physical & Health Education You will have P.E. every day. BMMS is a GREAT place to be.
See you in August!
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