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English Restoration Theatre

No description

Shea Mc

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of English Restoration Theatre

Shea McIntosh & Krystal McMeowton English Restoration Theatre What is English Restoration Theatre? Stage Conventions The socially diverse audiences included both aristocrats, their servants and hangers-on, and a substantial middle-class segment.
These playgoers were attracted to the comedies by the plots, by the introduction of the first professional actresses, and by the rise of the first celebrity actors.
This period saw the first professional woman playwright, Aphra Behn. First Time Experiances Restoration comedy was strongly influenced by the introduction of the first professional actresses.
Before the closing of the theatres, all female roles had been played by boys
After the restoration, Charles allowed his mistress, Nell Gywnn on stage woman started playing roles
Male audiences of the 1660s/1670s were curious and delighted at the novelty of seeing real women engage in risqué roles and take part in physical seduction scenes WOMEN PLAYWRIGHTS She has been regarded as a living embodiment of the spirit of Restoration England
Considered a folk heroine, with a story of rags-to-royalty tale of Cinderella.
"The most famous Restoration actress of all time, possessed of an extraordinary comic talent"
Also was a long-time mistress of King Charles II of England. Restoration comedy refers to English comedies written and performed in the Restoration period from 1660 to 1710
Restoration comedy is notorious for its sexual explicitness, a quality encouraged by audiences
Comedy of manners is used as a synonym of Restoration comedy.
Comedy of manners is a style of comedy that reflects the life, ideals and manners of upper class society COSTUMES FOLLOW US ON TWITTER
@_SheaMc @KrystalKartoon
The tolerance for Restoration comedy was running out at the end of the 17th century
The public opinion turned to respectability and seriousness even faster than the playwrights did
A shift in audience taste that had already taken place. They showed only moderate enthusiasm for that subtle and almost melancholy work.
Interconnected causes for this shift in taste were demographic change, the Glorious Revolution of 1688, and the lawsuits brought against playwrights by the Society for the Reformation of Manners
The comedy of sex and wit was about to be replaced by the drama of obvious sentiment and morality. End of Comedy After public stage performances had been banned for 18 years by the Puritans and Commonwealth government
Re-opening of the theatres in 1660 signalled a renaissance of English drama
The Restoration period was an exciting period in theatre
Charles II was a fun loving, woman loving and theatre loving king and it was under his reign that drama flourished Introduction to Restoration Theatre Soon after the Restoration women began to appear as writers of drama
Mrs. Aphra Behn was one of the first and most industrious of English women playwrights.
After the death of her husband, Mrs. Behn was for a time employed by the British government in a political capacity
She was the author of eighteen plays, most of them highly successful and lived until well into the eighteenth century, also achieved success as playwrights
Her work was very popular and kept on stage for nearly a century Eleanor Nell Gywnn FUN FACT #1 The female was known as the ingenue and the male was known as the juvenile. Playwrights got the proceeds from the third night's performance and also the sixth night's performance, but only for the original run of the show.
FUN FACT #2 Pantomimes would perform before and after a play.
Pantomime Noun
A dramatic entertainment, originating in Roman mime, in which performers express meaning through gestures accompanied by music. http://www.tiki-toki.com/timeline/entry/102474/English-Restoration-Theater/#vars!date=1638-03-15_06:48:18 One of the most innovative and influential designers of the 18th century was Philip Jacques de Loutherbourg.
He was the first designer to break up floor space with pieces of scenery, giving more depth and dimension
Other designers experimented with lighting by using candles and large chandeliers which hung over the floor of the stage Stage Conventions MORE COSTUMES English Restoration Theatres
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