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Human Rights Kaylin 5-511

No description

Mrs. Fornataro

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Human Rights Kaylin 5-511

Human Rights Kaylin 5-511
Article # 1
Article #4
To conclude the color of skin it doesn't matter not deffer from other race.For example, there is no way nobody has human rights because some places other people are not treated the way we are here in New york but in other wise no where else maybe don't have human rights.
Article #16
When you are legally old enough, you have the
right to marry and have a family without any lim-
itations based on your race, country or religion.
Both partners have the same rights when they are
married and also when they are separated.
Nobody should force you to marry.

To Me........
Article # 2
Would you want to be forced to get marry? Well no right because you feel life you shouldn't because you thing that everybody has human rights. However some people don't have human rights so they cant choose whether to get marry in life.
Article # 3
Why should anyone get marry of their race well it doesn't matter because every single person has have human rights.On the other thing Martin Luther King Jr said it doesn't matter of their race because everybody has rights in the world.
To Add On
To me its that nobody should force anyone to marry anyone. Do you know why i think that way? Well the reason i think that is because maybe they don't feel comfortable getting marry to someone maybe that you don't know that much.To conclude, everybody has human rights to choose to get marry or not.
Back in the old day they had to get marry in a young day but know we have human rights
Nobody should force anyone to get marry because maybe there just not ready for it in life and maybe there not gonna treat you the way you want to be treated. Besides maybe they don't have a good record.
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