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What Do you think when you hear about Israel?

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Gadi Israel

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of What Do you think when you hear about Israel?

The more you
know about
The more you
Like it!
Israel Diversity
What do you think when you hear about Israel?
Know the Facts:
Jews and Arabs
Israel Population:
over 8 Million
75% Jewish; 20% Arabs; 5% Others
60,000 Jews of
Ethiopian decent
call Israel Home
Over 1 Million Jews moved to Israel from

Israel is the only country in the Middle East that all
Arabs citizens
full equal rights
and they are active in all facets of Israeli life:
Arab Israelis have been elected to the Knesset (The Israel Parliament)
since Israel's founding
Rana Sultan, An
Arab woman
, choose to be "
Miss Israel
" of 1999
Bnei Sachnin, became the first Arab-Israeli
soccer team to
win the state cup
Religious and ethnic
officially recognize 15 distinct religious groups
Each regulates its own rules about marriage and wills
is the only Middle East country where the Christian population has grown in the last half century
city of Haifa is the home of the Baha'i world headquarters
About 170,000 Bedouins, an Arab nomadic people, reside in
It's all
about the
Israel is one of the more diverse countries in the world!
is the only free democracy in the middle east!

has two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic!

is the home for people from over 70 countries!

is the national home of the Jewish people!

society is made up for more
than 60 different cultures!
Cultural Achievements
singers and bands known worldwide
Idan Raichel, Infected Mushroom, Oren Lavie...

's first art school, Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, was founded in 1906

has 10 film schools and 7 international film festivals
Kibbutzim / Entrepreneurial
Does Size matter?
About the size of New Jersey,
Israel can claim for the
following achievements:
Israel is the only country to revive an unspoken language and establish it as its national tongue.
Oh, Shalom!

Israel is one of only nine countries in the world that can launch its
own satellites
into space

Israelis consume the third most amount of
vegetables and sweets
in the world.

Israel, in regards to its population, has the
highest ratio
of college degrees, museums and start-up companies!

The Dead Sea is the
lowest place on Earth

Israel also known as the
Start-up nation
PillCam, AntiVirus, Cell Phones, Voice Mails,
Cherry Tomatoes, Disk on Key,
BabySense, Waze, Viber
and a lot more...
The Baha'i is an independent religion that arose in Persia in the mid 19th century!
Israel has the
third highest
rate of entrepreneurship in the world!

Kibbutzim are the communal farms that grow out of Labor Zionism ideology, attaching pioneers from overseas with an interest in
"making the desert bloom"
There are 270 such collectives in Israel and about 8% of the population lives in a Kibbutz or Moshav-style collectives.

As of June 2007, 90 Israeli companies are listed in the U.S NASDAQ stock exchange,
more than any other foreign country!
Advancement of Women
Since the foundation of Israel in 1948
women have played a vital role in governing,
developing and protecting the nation

In 1969 ,
Golda Meir
became Israel's first female prime minister
third elected female leader
of any country.

Israeli women serve in all branches of the Israel Defense Forces, are eligible for conscription, and serve alongside men in all units

Israel chose its first

president of the Supreme Court
Dorit Beinisch
, who served from 2006-2012

Women represent
45% of Israel's labor force
the same percentage as in the U.S
Israel is at the
forefront of gay right
Prohibiting workplace discrimination in 1992
Allowing openly homosexual soldiers to serve in 1993
Granting spousal benefits to same-sex couples in 1994

Israel have presentation of
openly homosexual members
in the Israeli parliament (Knesset)

Israeli's first drag queen,
Dana International
, took the country by storm in 1993 and
won the Eurovision
(European song competition) in 1998.

LGBTQ organizations and community centers are active
throughout Israel, continuing to advocate for
LGBTQ rights
Diverse Lifestyles
Israel continues to lead the way
in protection and acceptance
of diverse lifestyles
Israel's Knesset is composed by
secular and religious parties
of all sides of the political spectrum

dozens of newspapers
in many languages, Israel has a free, open and privately owned press

The Supreme Court of Israel is an
independent and equal
branch of government and serves as the final court appeals

Israel's prime minister, is the head of government, selected from a party that holds the
largest number of parliament seats

Israel's head of state is the president, selected by the Knesset
to perform a largely
ceremonial role
Israel is a dynamic, modern democratic nation in which citizens of all political beliefs are represented
With Israel's long and beautiful coastline, beach activities and water sports are popular Israeli diversions. Actually, Israel has the
highest number of qualified scuba divers
per capita in the world

From it's nightclubs featuring internationally renowned DJs to it's around-the-clock cafés, the city of Tel Aviv has earned its nickname,
"The city that never stops"

Sports enthusiasts have many popular teams to celebrate. One of the most successful, Maccabi Tel Aviv, boasts
six European basketball championships

Israelis love to spend time outdoors, hiking and biking in the
country's many
protected national parks
and nature
reserves. In northern Israel
is a popular pastime
Leisure and Recreation
An energetic and cosmopolitan people, Israelis enjoy a wide variety of entertainment activities
Does anyone can find Israel on he map?
Israel -
Est. May 14, 1948
Size: 8,522 sq mi (153rd)
U.S.A -
Est. July 4,1776
Size: 3,805,927 sq mi (3rd)
Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu
Israel's Prime minister
Born in Israel and raised in
Israel and in the States

Trained as a combat soldier and became a team leader in an
elite special forces unit of the IDF
, Sayeret Matkal (1967-1972)

Between 1984 and 1988 Netanyahu served as the
Israeli ambassador to the United Nations

Netanyahu returned to Israel and joined the
party. Been the party leader between 1993-1999 and since 2005

Foreign Affairs Minister
Finance Minister

3rd term
as Israel's Prime Minister (1996-1999, 2009-2013, 2013-)
Regular service
mandatory time:
Guys 3 years, Girls 2 years

Non IDF service,
Sherut Leumi:
Israel security Forces or helping those in need

Gender equality:
Women and men can serve in all units and in all roles

in the IDF: Druze, Bedouins, Israeli Arabs, Ethiopian Jews, Orthodox Jews, LGBT people, deaf, vegans and volunteers.

Helping each other - giving
better opportunities
in employment, housing, education, and other areas

IDF consist
ground forces
air force
, and

Krav Maga
- self-defence system developed
for the military in Israel that consists of a wide
combination of techniques

Day of Remembrance
for the Fallen Soldiers
of Israel and Victims of Terrorism
Israel Defense Forces
One of the most powerful and advanced armies in the world
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