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Announcing: Women Bike PHL!

A presentation about the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia's "Women Bike PHL" campaign.

Katie Monroe

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Announcing: Women Bike PHL!

WOMEN BIKE PHL My name is Katie Monroe. I work for the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. I believe we need more women on bicycles in this city.

You're about to see some ideas about how to accomplish that. But we need your help to make them happen. Individuals and organizations across the country are working to encourage more women to ride. Making riding a bicycle more fun and feasible for Philadelphia women of all ages and backgrounds. Some point to sexist representations of women, prevalent in the bicycle industry.
The Bicycle Coalition's annual Fall 2012 Bike Counts revealed a similar gender split: only 33% of bicyclists were women. Others share the qualitatively different challenges women face within various facets of bike culture: unfriendly
bike shops, street harassment, fashion concerns, parenting
logistics, and more. None of these explanations are wrong.
None of them alone are correct.
At the BCGP, we know how empowering, healthy, cost-effective, and FUN riding a bicycle can be.
We want bicycling to be equally accessible to everyone, regardless of gender.
We are not alone. In 2009, women took just 24 percent of bicycle trips in the U.S. In October 2012, Center City District counted cyclists entering Center City on all northbound streets from South Philly: only 32% were female. Some argue that women are more risk-averse, and thus safer bicycle infrastructure is the solution. Some focus on the lack of adequate women-specific bicycles and gear. Women Bike PHL: Ovarian Psycos Cycle Brigade
LA-based activist group for women of color Women on Bikes SoCal
partnership between advocacy
groups and City Council
womenonbikessocal.org Elly Blue
Portland-based blogger,
author, activist
takingthelane.com Women-only "Urban Riding Basics" classes
at our office
at neighborhood bike shops
other locations TBD!
in Spanish and English a 2013 initiative of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia But why? ovarianpsycos.com cyclofemme.com worldwide network of bike rides on Mother's Day Social urban riding
club for women webikenyc.org "women's empowerment through bicycles" womenbike.org National Women's Bicycling Forum
by the League of American Bicyclists What will this campaign look like? Education Expanding our adult "Learn to Ride" classes and promoting them to women Bike Rides Family Biking Outreach to Girls Bicycling activist and feminist Elly Blue will visit during Bike Month!
Casual, introductory bike rides for women Themed social rides: brunch rides, midnight rides, and more Mother's Day Ride during Bike Month And more.... Are you excited?
Get involved! Many Philly parents bike with their kids, but it can be intimidating at first. We want to connect interested moms and dads with the mentors, and the gear, to make it feasible. Working with Bike Temple, Women's & Gender Studies Dept, and more to encourage Temple women to ride YOUTH are the future of bicycling! We are trying to collaborate with Girl Scouts to increase their bicycle-oriented programming Other ideas include:
Philly Girls Bike Club
Helping recruit more girls to Neighborhood Bike Works programming
Partnerships with other girl-serving organizations
Regular BCGP blog posts featuring a wide variety of Philly's women bicyclists facebook.com/bicyclecoalition
stay tuned for a Women Bike PHL group @bcgp
#womenbikePHL We are looking to partner with businesses, organizations and individuals interested in furthering our goals.
Interested? Contact: katie@bicyclecoalition.org
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