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Different Types of Braids

Easy and cute braids

Olivia McCabe

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Different Types of Braids

By: Baylee, Aly, Olivia, and Katherine Different Types of Braids
3.) Take one small strand of hair from the bottom of the right section and pull it over the right section and add to the left section. Fishtail braid Waterfall Braid Steps:

Half French Braid

4.) Continue until you are finished at the bottom
Dutch Braid Steps:
Mermaid Braid Steps:

5 Strand Braid 2.) Take one small strand of hair from the bottom of the left section and pull it over the left section and add to the right section 1.) Separate the hair into two even pieces 4.) Repeat steps over and over until you are done. Tutorial on Fishtailing Steps: 4.) Add piece from under the falling strand 5.) Repeat steps until you reach the back of the head and bobby pin it 1.) Start off with a normal french braid 2.) Let the middle strand fall down instead of picking up more hair with it Steps:

3.) Pick up more hair with the other tow strands as normal for a french braid Tutorial on Waterfalling Let's get started! 1.) Grab one section of hair and divide into three parts
2.) Take one piece of hair from the opposite side and add it to the closest part
3.) Continue braiding an only adding from the opposite side of the head
4.) Continue until you reach the other side of the head and then bobby pin down
5.) If you want you can pull it back into a pony tail 1.) Start by taking three pieces if hair and begin like a normal french braid
2.) Instead of going to the right first you go to the left
3.) Grab sections of hair as you continue braiding
1. )Take one small section of hair on the right
side and make a small braid

2.) Do the same on the left side

3.) Pull them back together to the
center of your head and secure down

4.) Take a section from the middle of the head and two from
each side

5.) Similar to a french braid, grab hair from the outside of the hair
only and do not add anything to the middle strand (small pieces)

6.) Continue until you reach the bottom 1.) Separate hair into 5 sections
2.) Start with outside strand and weave it between each strand as you would a regular braid
3.) Continue until you reach the bottom
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