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How And Why Did Australia Become A Nation

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Alice Straford

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of How And Why Did Australia Become A Nation

How And Why Did Australia Become A Nation?
By Alice S
Timeline Of Federation Australia
Sir Henry Parkes, premier of NSW, wants to federate.
The Australasian Convention was held in Sydney.
1891 - 1894
The parliaments lose interest in federation.
A premier's conference agrees to hold a new federation convention.
1897 - 1898
The second Australasian Convention meets in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Their co
On 1st January 1901 the first Governor General, Lord Hopetoun, officially said that there were now six states forming the Commonwealth of Australia.

Facts About Australian Federation
In 1860 there were 6 British Colonies in Australia.
At first the colonies had nothing to do with each other. Then in 1872 telegraph linked the colonies and the idea of being 'Australian' began to be celebrated in songs.
Hard times in Australia drew people's attention away from federation for several years.
After federation, Australians celebrated their nationhood by taking part in parades, processions and sporting events.
Here is a video about Australia's history from 'Horrible History's.'
How And Why Did Australia Become A Nation?
How? - Australia became a nation when the six colonies agreed to become one nation of Australia in 1901.
Why? - Australia formed a nation because for matters like defense, controlling immigration and economy the colonies would be stronger as one nation rather than small colonies.
The End!!!
Thank you for watching!!!
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