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Yuki Kuan

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Business Model
King's Town Construction Co. Ltd
King's town group Background
Market Analysis
King's Town Group Structure
King's Development Group
Social Welfare Foundation
Hotel of King's Town
-> Good Location
-> Surrounding & Environment
-> Cost / Energy saving - ECO house
-> Property Services- after sales service
-> Diversified Financing
Good Location
Surrounding & Environment
Property Service
Visitor Flow Rate
Population Stream
In return

Company receive payment from customers
- rental
- sales
- maintenance fees

We also gain customer loyalty and increase brand name
through word of mouth

-> Quality Material Used- Green
Key Partners
Key Resources
Key Activities
Law Firms
Loan & Mortgage Firm
Raw Material Suppliers
Gardening Companies
Maintenance Company
Strong Capital- Land
Project Management Team
Construction Company
Market Research Team
Land Appraisal and Evaluation Team
King's Town Bank
Exploring Land & Development

Market Research

Purchasing Potential Land

Planning and Design Scheme Process
Constructing Project

Building Construction
Marketing Proposal

Sales & Marketing

Basic Development of Construction Plan
Choice of Technology and Material Used
Project Management Team
How we reach them?
-> Housing agencies
-> Self promotion media
-> Word of mouth
How we maintain our relationship
- Good property management - after sales maintenance
- Good finance management
- Social Welfare Foundation - Building up good reputation
How we reach them?
-> Self promotion media
-> Word of mouth
-> Existing customer base
-> Direct sales
How we maintain our relationship
- After sales maintenance
- Financing management

Core Capabilities
- Own bank
- Own construction company
- Strong brand name
- 30 years experience in property development
- Sufficient land resource
- Long term contract
- Increase awareness among customers about their service
- Increase customer base
- Build up reputation and goodwill
Key Partner's Value
Direction and Development
-> GDP --> Market --> Power of buyer
-> Agreement that allows buyer from China
to buy property in Taiwan
-> Government future plan--> Competitive
-> Pre Casting Concrete--> Power of Supplier
-> Land Limitation---> Power of supplier
-> Green Policy-----> Barrier of new entry
-> Election
The scope of business world change
- Technology internalization
(apply advance know-how and skills)

- Attract overseas customers
including more tourists and
more international marketing
- International standard building
- International management talent
- International management knowledge
- International Designers
- International Investor
(by joint-venture, partnership...)

Security Company
Urban Development Bureau, Kaohsiung city Government. (2009). Urban development policy [Online] Available at:
http://urban-web.kcg.gov.tw:8080/KDC/web_page/KDC010100.jsp [Accessed 1/6/2013].

Jones Lang LaSalle. (2013). Taiwan Property Investment Guide [Online] Available at: http://www.joneslanglasallesites.com/appig/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Taiwan-Property-Investment-Guide-2013.pdf [Accessed 1/6/2013].

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1. Set in 1982, a group which covers property development, construction, hotel and so on
2. The main activities is development of high-grade buildings for high-middle class people
3. Sales reach 8.6 million pound in 2012 and keep on growing
4. Most reputed property development enterprise in the south of Taiwan
5. The company's principle is "Root in Taiwan, view over the world "

Matrices of success
1. Profitability
2. Customer satisfactory
3. Technical innovation
4. Management improvement
5. Risk control
Why internationalize
1. Environment requirement

2. Core competences/capability

3. Ambitious of management team
1. The king's town group manage to create and deliver customer value through it's company flow path in the business model.
2. The effective analysis of environment, five forces and SWOT is took to see the current position and future direction of the company.
3. The king's town group will be develop from single high-grade residences & commercial stores supplier to a comprehensive enterprise combining property development, hotel investment and city reconstruction involvement.
4. Based on the core capabilities and environmental requirement, the King's town could implement internationalization on customer, construction, partner cooperation and inner management.
How we reach them?
- 3rd party recommendation
- Word of Mouth
- Advertising (they come to us)
In return,

- pay certain amount of payment in exchange for professional services from their knowledgeable and skillful team

- help them increase their customer base

- build up awareness among customers
Team Leader :
N0451725 Yang Song
N0464384 Shu Yee Kuan T2257852 Pitch Muchalintamolee
N0454552 Wei Ting Hung N0458535 Ying Ying Li
-> Intelligence technology
E.g: low-E glass, wood, Solar, Finger print security, concrete
- estimate work duration
- risk control
Choosing appropriate location
Ecological Friendly
Energy Saving
Waste Reduction
High Grade Properties
Comprehensive Land & Property Enterprise
Sales payment
Management charge
Urban Landscape
Management leading
Knowing and learning relative K & S
Follow the management and rules
Reflection and improvement
Eagle Team
Cohort C
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