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EU agriculture policies,

No description

Nico Broersen

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of EU agriculture policies,

Thomas Nikiema

Julia Kulle

Mario Spatuzzi

Katie Dunn-Sims

Nico Broersen

What, who and where
Small quiz
How much does the EU spend on the CAP?
1. 20% of their budget (27,5 billion per year)
Our project
Raise the awareness and the attractiveness of the UIIP program on campus across Europe

Idea: Ambassador program
2. 40% of its budget (55 billion per year)
3. 60% of its budget (82,5 billion per year)
Ensure adequate food supplies at reasonable prices

Provide an adequate income for farmers

Increase agricultural productivity
Small quiz
Which country receives the most money?
A) France

B) Germany

C) Poland
Thank you for your attention!
Are there any questions?
Criticism on the CAP
Europe is spending far too much on the CAP. (agriculture generates just 1.6% of EU GDP)
The CAP is seen as part of an unfair trade system rigged in favour of the richer countries.
Invest more in scientific research and technology
Team 4
Ambassador Guidelines
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