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Hermione Granger

No description

Teddy B

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Hermione Granger

Character Traits Who Is Hermione Granger?
- loyal
- bookworm
- hard-working
- intelligent
- compassionate
- brave
- stubborn - born September
19, 1979
- parents Mr. and Mrs. Granger
-Summer of 1991
- chosen for Gryffindor
- how she first became friends with Harry and Ron
- Polyjuice potion in second year
- time turner in third year
- S.P.E.W. in fourth year Hermione
Granger - from "Harry Potter"
- muggle-born
- witch Why Is She My Hero? - the "smart one" Hermione is my hero

- she doesn't give up
- loyal to her friends/family
- she's smart
- she's different - part of "the golden trio" - founder of "S.P.E.W." - D.A. in fith year - co-founder of D.A. :)
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