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NB Gardens

No description

William Kirby

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of NB Gardens

Orchid Consulting: NB Gardens
Key Processes
Customer Order Fulfillment Team
What does COFT do?
Updates IMS
Posts customer order to warehouse
Who else could do their job?
Sales - fits in well with current working process.
Re-trained COFT staff would cover any additional workload
Actions on COFT
Re-train staff and integrate with Sales Team.
Reduces overall Cycle Time.
Aligns with BTS
Initial problems discovered within the scope of customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience.
Adjusted Key Processes
Customer Order Process
Stock Replenishment
Geographical Distribution Zone
Digital Product Catalogue and Live Stock Levels
'Held' Orders
Customer Notification
Stock Replenishment Frequency
Returns Policy
Order Form Transportation
Case Study
Interviewed employees
key processes - Customer order process and stock replenishment
Stock Replenishment
Customer Order Process
Customer Satisfaction -

How can we make the customer's overall experience better?

What do customers univesally want?
Geographical Distribution Zones -

The GDZ system at the moment is inheritently unfair for customers in low traffic and sparsely populated GDZs. Because if a GDZ is under 80% it isn't sent... until it is at or over 80%... In quiet GDZs customers could be waiting an eternity.
Customer Service -

How are customers handled from start to finish?

Is the quality of service consistently good between departments? Is it better at certain times of the day or week?

What can be done better?

Is juggling customers between departments like, COFT for example, an engaging customer experience or an expedient and effective process?

Could additional training improve customer service?
Stock Replenishment -

One trip a week (Wednesday) is simply insufficient to maintain a full roster of products at this business' size and scale.

It's amplified by the internal system problems mentioned previously where customers can't see if items are in stock.

A lack of sales data analytics means that the business can't track what's trending and can't effectively master fundamental supply and demand issues.
Internal systems and interdepartmental communication -

Having no centralised, real time, digitized stock management system that both the Sales and Delivery teams can use dynamically and in unison with the properly assigned CRUD rights is inefficent and slows down the capability of departments to communicate interdepartmentally.

Additionally the first order in the warehouse is the last out - this seems unfair - it should be first in, first out.
- Highlighted Area of Improvement: Customer Satisfaction

- Linked areas for improvement: GDZ, Customer Service, Stock Replenishment & Current System.

- GDZ, Catalogue, Hold orders & notify customers, replenish stock, easier returns & email Order forms.
Politeness - Civility always goes a long way in business transactions.

Promptness - In terms of both on the phone and then when waiting for a delivery.

Concise and accurate data gathering and storage first time - Noone wants to find their package shipped to the other side of the country.

Respectful service - Misleading customers with impossible promises will normally backfire two-fold and seriously disgruntle customers.

Essentially - good quality products at a fair price delivered in a reasonable time frame.
Telesales, mail and online shopping services should aim to be more convenient as an overall process than shopping in a shop.

That's their competitive advantage over conventional retailers, and that's why NB Gardens gets repeat business.

Convenience and promptness in delivery is often just as important as the product itself.
Customers currently can never be sure if what they are ordering is in stock or not, because of the following issuses with IMS, on top of this the company's return policy can cause confusion for customers.

Clearly this isn't acceptable when we consider our previous benchmarks for providing customer satisfaction.

Transactions processed by Sales go to a intermediary department called "COFT" (more on this soon) then to the Warehouse... by an internal pen and paper mail system. This is a textbook definition of bureaucracy - it's bloated and slow, why have a middleman at all?
By analyzing our collated data and making reasonable and logical deductions we found inefficiencies that when fixed will get orders to customers faster...

...Therefore increasing customer satisfaction but also having a beneficial side effect of potentially saving NB Gardens money in the long term.

- Core Vision - Provision, finest suppliers and customer base.

-Drivers & Goals - maintain reputation of quality providers and grow substantial customer base.

Key Business Functions - Sales, Warehousing, Accounts, COFT, HR
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