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Women and the American Revolution

How women affected the american revolution in a positive way

Tyler Feuilly

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Women and the American Revolution

By Tyler Feuilly & Anthony Emmolo Women and the American Revolution Abigail Adams Phillis Wheatley Mercy Otis Warren Betsy Ross Wife of John Adams
Wanted to increase women's rights
She loved writing letters to friends about liberty African American woman that wrote about ending slavery
She wrote many poems and books
First published black author in America
Given her freedom in 1778 Wrote plays and poems that supported independence
Only women to actually publish the stuff she wrote
Wrote plays poking fun at the British, most famous was "The Blockheads"
Wrote the history of the American Revolution using the notes from meetings and conversations She made shirts for George Washington
Made the first American Flag
Real name is Elizabeth Griscom Patience Wright America's first sculptor
America's first Revolutionary Spy
Took a boat to England to have better materials for sculpting
Sent secret information to the colonies about what England was planning to do against them in her wax figures Who, When, Where, and Why Who: Abigail Adams, Phillis Wheatley, Mercy Otis Warren, Betsy Ross, and Patience Wright
When: The year 1775 until 1783
Where: The thirteen colonies
Why: The women, along with the men, wanted to gain independence from the British. The women also wanted to increase their rights Impact & Significance of Women in the American Revolution Women who were in the war were known as "camp followers"
They usually were cooking, nursing,washing, and setting up the camp
The women writers would write poetry and books to influence society
Writers would also use writing to try and increase women rights so people can look at it as a serious matter
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