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Ocean's Eleven- 7s model

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Valerie Kohorst

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Ocean's Eleven- 7s model

Ocean's Eleven: 7-s model of strategic alignment
Strategic Alignment
Strategic Alignment: "... the process of modifying organizational systems and structures to support the competitive strategy." (Eisenberg, Goodall Jr., Trethewey)
The 7-S model attempts to understand Strategic Alignment through seven pillars:
-Strategy -Staffing
-Superordinate Goals -Skills
-Structure -Style

“Strategy provides a common purpose for all employees and stake-holders. It differentiates the company from its competitors.” (Eisenberg, Goodall Jr., Trethewey)

“ An expression of how an organization needs to evolve over time to meet its objectives along with a detailed assessment of what needs to be done.” (businessdictionary.com)

Strategy & Ocean's Eleven
The crew discusses the heist:

In the case of Ocean’s Eleven, strategy goes beyond the plan.

-Managerial disclosure and unique skills are critical to success.
Superordinate Goals
Book definition: "The formal reporting relationships as prescribed by the organizational chart should reflect the company's strategy and should symbolically represent the company's values."

Online definition: "The arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex. "
A System is the flow of information through various media, the formal systems of operation, the informal operating procedures, and the informal connections among people. Systems are relevant to communication in that they deal with the distribution of information throughout a company. It could also be defined as the daily activities and procedures that staff members engage in to get the job done.
Staffing is “[t]he people, their backgrounds and competencies [of an organization]; [and] how the organization recruits, selects, trains, socializes, manages the careers, and promotes employees” (Kaplan, 41).
Hiring people with the skills needed to fulfill your goal. Using those skills in the more useful manner

- Pulling off a heist requires the right combination of skills
- Also requires effective use of those skills
Book definition: employee’s technical and interpersonal skills should be used in ways that promote the company’s strategy.
Clooney and Pitt needed members of the group to have a different set of skills that would aid their group as a whole in robbing the vault.

Teamwork is essential- if one person fails, they all fail.
Strict adherence to the rules of the group.
All members are fast on their feet, able to respond to any situation.
Each member is equal and vital to the team.

Movie Review
"Hard" "S's" of strategy, structure, and systems
"Soft" "S's" of skills, staff, style, and super-ordinate goals (now referred to as shared values)”
It is based around seven key elements of any organization, with the view that in order for it to operate successfully, all the elements in this model must align synergistically” (Candy).
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The book definition of Superordinate Goals is “broad outcomes that everyone in the organization is motivated to achieve”
According to Merriam-Webster “superordinate” means superior in rank, class, or status, while “goals” mean something that you are trying to do or achieve.

Superordinate Goals
In the movie Ocean’s 11 there were a lot of minor superordinate goals within the major superordinate goal of the film. However since the whole plot in the movie revolves around stealing money from the three biggest casinos in Las Vegas that was the overall superordinate goal of the team.
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