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Religious Persecution

No description

karli cirovski

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Religious Persecution

Religious Persecution
Historical Examples of Religious Persecution
Jewish Holocaust - slaughter of 6 million Jews
Christian Persecution in the Roman Empire (Lions)
Islam - after 9/11 they have been persecuted and increasingly viewed as as a violent faith group (they are not)
Persecution of religious minorities in Europe
Atheists are harassed for their lack of religious views
What is the Christian Response?
2109 The right to religious liberty is neither a moral license to adhere to error, nor a supposed right to error, but rather a natural right of the human person to civil liberty, i.e., immunity, within just limits, from external constraint in religious matters by political authorities. This natural right ought to be acknowledged in the juridical order of society in such a way that it constitutes a civil right.
Do you think a wide variety of religions within one civilization helps or hinders its "progress" and why?
Do you think religious acceptance is necessary for a society to prosper?

What is Religious Persecution?
Religious Persecution:
The systematic mistreatment of an individual or group due to their religious affiliation
"Worldwide Attack on Christians"
Degrees of Religious Persecution
2013 Worst Cases of Religious Persecution:
Christians have been increasingly persecuted for their faith in all places around the world
Christmastime attack on Christians in the Middle East - current issue
Christians Terrorized in Nigeria
Syria's Civil War Leaves Christians Vulnerable to Atrocities
Morsi Rule in Egypt, and His Ouster, Result in Attacks on Christians
Unprecedented Church Bombing in Pakistan
Somalia Violence Seeps into Kenya
Sudan Steps Up 'Religious Cleansing'
Egyptians Slain in Libya
Islamist Take-over in Central African Republic Brings Atrocities
Christian Dies in Custody in Vietnam
U.S.-Iranian Pastor's Prison Sentence Upheld
What Can We do to Help?
2104 "All men are bound to seek the truth, especially in what concerns God and his Church, and to embrace it and hold on to it as they come to know it.
2016 "Nobody may be forced to act against his convictions, nor is anyone to be restrained from acting in accordance with his conscience in religious matters in private or in public, alone or in association with others, within due limits."34 This right is based on the very nature of the human person, whose dignity enables him freely to assent to the divine truth which transcends the temporal order.
Sign the "stop religious persecution" petition at this website:
International Coalition for Religious Freedom
"How many of you pray for Christians who are persecuted? Ask yourselves, do I pray for that brother or sister who's in difficulty for confessing their faith?" - Pope Francis calls us to prayer
Class Activity
Take it away, Chris Lay
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