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SimCorp - Account Planning

No description

Glenn Stafford

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of SimCorp - Account Planning

Account Planning What was
difficult? SMART Objectives - Strategies & Actions Why, To win and maximise deal sizes
When, all the time
What, sfdc, research, contacts, methodology
practise vs deployed model ?????
2 great things - warrooms, pursuit teams
Why, when and what Identifying New Opportunities Business Development
Relationship / Marketing / Partner / Customer Satisfaction Account Planning - what works well? gave us an effective way to prepare and stay focused on our business objectives and goals for the account creation of a blueprint to guide us through the account Competitive landscape
Current suppliers of competing products/services
$ size of available landscape/spend Strategic business imperatives
Lower costs
Managing regulatory compliance
Increase market share Key executives and backgrounds
Former Companies
University affiliations
Non-profit affiliations Current relationship status
Are they happy?
Any active sales pipeline? Customer Relationship Drivers
Reduce and mitigate costs
Grow revenue
Need to increase market share
Compliance Account relationship map
Alignment between executive teams?
Executive relationships from prior positions ? who are we selling to? - organisation structure
where are we selling? - Business Unit & SU
what are we selling? - selected solutions
why are we selling? - business strategy map, drivers, initiatives, CSF's
when do we sell? - compelling events, why now or later? SWOT Analysis: customer, competitors, partners and ours
threats tool, speed and access
syncing SimCorp world to Customers Value Map Mutual Value
What is of value to them
What is of value to us

What delivers short term and long term benefits to them
What delivers short term and long term revenue to us q. what does SMART stand for? Specific
Time-Bound Culture
Individualistic . Decision Orientation
Toss of a coin?
Financial, Technical, Relationship or Business? Our status with key players
"*" Mentor
"+" Supporter
"=" Neutral
"-" Non Supporter
"x" Enemy q. what does "*" represent?

q. what is "=" ? q. what is "x"?
q. "-" ? q. and last but not least, what is "+" Benefits Optimize the Account Planning and Management Process
Automate account plan and integrate with CRM system
Visualize ‘white space’ and expand sales
Share and collaborate with account team
Increase account team alignment and velocity increase and reduce wasted effort

increase the chances of winning Thankyou q. team resources are better utilized to......? q. sales opportunities are better qualified so that..............? q. team efforts are better coordinated in order to......? Our Account is a Marketplace
Key Individuals
Virtual Team

teams pursue the right deals Satisfy and Retain Customers
Identify and build strategic relationships
Collaborate on business strategy
Achieve ‘Trusted Adviser’ status and never exit the customer’s business process
Protect and defend against competitive influences Increase Number of Opportunities and Average Deal Size
Identify and win new opportunities
Increase solution and account penetration
Increase revenue per account
Maximize renewals and up-sell revenues
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