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04.07 Periodic Table Lab Activity

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A. A.

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of 04.07 Periodic Table Lab Activity

12 Favorite Foods 04.07 Periodic Table Lab Activity Pizza
Spaghetti Chart 1) What are the general family (column) characteristics formed in the chart?

The general characteristics are "sweet" and "soft". Tacos
Mashed potatoes
Healthy Soft Crunchy Salty Sweet Fatty Greasy Pizza Rice Nachos Cookies Oranges Spaghetti Tacos Apples Fries Mashed
potatoes Watermelons Chicken 2) Suggest a reason why some items might not fit easily into a group.

Some items can have more than one characteristic or no characteristics that match on the chart. For example, cookies can be soft or crunchy. A lemon can be sour, which is not a characteristic shown on the chart.
3) Why do you think there is not a periodic table of compounds? Use evidence to support your thoughts.

I think it is because a certain type of food can be made in many different ways, leading to too many characteristics. For example, chicken can turn out to be really greasy or very dry. People can also make the chicken spicy. Fries can be crunchy, soft, or salty depending on how they are made. Putting butter on mashed potatoes can cause it to become a fatty food instead of a healthy one.
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