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Africa's Water Problem by JP O'Leary

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Michael Corvello

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Africa's Water Problem by JP O'Leary

Dangers of Dirty Water
Cholera is a disease that comes from water with bacteria in it, and there are 3-5 million cases a year. Around 100,000 of those are deaths.
Diarrhoeal disease is less known, but more deadly. It is the third leading cause of child deaths per year. The disease mainly makes people severely dehydrated.
How people get water
Women and children spend 125 million hours every day collecting water around the world.
People walk about 2 miles per day for 1 day's worth of water.
How people are helping
Wateraid is an organization that can help someone get easy access to water for only $25.
The Aqua Safe Straw can filter up to 500 liters of water while you drink it.
Where It's Happening
Nigeria, the country with the largest population in Africa, has 63 million people without clean water.
Almost 100% of people have clean water in their homes in the U.S., but only 16% have that in Africa.
Africa has more than half of the world's population that does not have access to clean water.
Africa's Water Crisis
By JP O'Leary
This is a map of water scarcity. The gray means desert, and the red and orange mean less than 60 days of precipitation.
Everyone has to pitch in to get water for their families.
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