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No description

Charlie Cahill

on 1 October 2018

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Transcript of Introduction

Purpose (three fold)
Shared vision of what leadership means
Connect courses, programs and other opportunities
Cultivate positive change
Defining leadership
Action-oriented endeavor not based on a title or level of authority
Context Matters
Positive changes in an individual, group or community's beliefs, values, or behavior
Elements: Focus on competencies, values, and outcomes

UW-Madison Leadership Framework

The Leadership Certificate program reinforces the
University of Wisconsin Madison’s commitment to
developing student leadership capacity through
intentional reflection and engagement in learning,
both inside and outside the classroom, for the purpose
of meaningful change.


Focus on written reflections
Review Committee
Online Application - Canvas
Women's Leadership Award
About the Certificate...

“The Leadership Certificate is a great way to showcase the Leadership responsibilities I’ve had on campus.”
“I will continue to practice skills of introspection to better learn from life experiences”
“Get started early”!
“Do it”!
“Well worth the work”


Ceremony, Red/Gold cords, certificate of completion, networking opportunities
Showcase leadership and involvement experiences
Resume, talking point in an interview
Leadership Certificate Learning Outcomes:
Increased self awareness
Increased capacity to effect positive change within groups and communities
Ability to apply learned skills
-More prepared for interviews and post college

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

Group Leadership
40 hours Maximum
Unpaid position
Service to and active involvement in the community
Working with communities rather than on communities
50% of hours must be:
- Completed off campus
-With same organization/non-profit agency

30 hours Maximum
Non-credit in person Leadership Learning opportunities available on or off campus
Includes cultural competence and social justice topics
In the form of conferences, workshops, talks, etc

Website or Ted Talk Leadership topics
Complete three online modules
Provides an alternative source for leadership to take place
Reflection Essays

Civic Engagement
Trainings and
100 Hours
Academic Course

Includes one course in either Leadership or Global and Cultural Competence (see website for approved course listings)
Must be a for-credit class
Must obtain a 3.0 or better
Process for adding relevant courses

Academic Course
Online Learning
Online Learning Modules
Involvement Requirements
Competency Reflection Essay

Three-part essay that focuses on experiences gained through Involvement Requirements, Academic Course and Online Modules.
Reflect on all seven competencies: (Ways you've grown, what you've learned, how you've been challenged)
2000-2500 words total

Leadership for Change Capstone
Is intended to synthesize your leadership experience and your plan for continued growth
Enables you to connect your passion to a purpose by identifying a change you seek while engaging intentionally with your community
Demonstrates ability to apply learned skills
Prompt questions:
Identify a positive change you seek within a group or community's beliefs, values, or behaviors
> The initiative can be something you are currently doing or something you would like to do in the future

Can Be:
2,500 word essay or
20 min. presentation

Review Process
Application due dates: Nov. 1st and April 1st (Applications will only be reviewed after one of the deadline dates)
3 week process
Reviewers may ask for revisions to be made
Important to make timely revisions!
Final day to make edits
Review Committee

Made up of faculty and staff on campus.

Responsible for evaluating the Competency essay, Value Capstone and the online learning module essays
The reviewer assists each student to fully capture the depth of what was learned through their various experiences

Leadership Competencies and Values
(skills, abilities, or knowledge sets)
Interpersonal Communication
Supporting Learning and Development of Others
Decision Making
Fostering Bridge-Building and Collaboration
Honoring Context and Culture
Moving Ideas into Action
(Consistent with UW-Madison's history and mission)
Inclusive Engagement
Connection and Community
*Learn more at www.leadership.wisc.edu
Leadership Certificate Requirements
Attend in person or view an online information session
Complete Online "Leadership Competencies Activity

Format: Johari-Window 
Meet for Advising Appointment with Leadership Certificate advisor
Identify a Reflection Partner
Current undergraduate, graduate, or professional UW-Madison Student in good academic standing
How is the Certificate tied to the Framework?
The Certificate embodies the principles of what leadership means on this campus and reflects the competencies, values and outcomes associated with the Leadership Framework.
Women's Leadership Award
The Anne Louise Martino Award
This $5000 award recognizes the valuable contributions of women student leaders on campus and is presented during the spring-semester ceremony
Selection Requirements
Overview of Certificate Components
Document 100 hours of leadership experience that promotes growth in 1 or more Leadership Competencies and/or Values, divided between 3 areas:
Organizational/Group Leadership
Civic Engagement
Trainings and Workshops
Academic Course
Online Learning Modules
Competency Reflection Essay
Value Capstone

(608) 263-0365

Examine your card
What does the competency or value mean to you?
Is it a strength for you? If so, how do you practice this competency or live this value while engaging in the act of leadership or in your daily life?
What would you like to develop or change?
What steps might you take?
Share your thoughts:
Find someone who has a different card than you
Discuss your thoughts about your card...taking turns
Share with larger group
Competencies and Values Activity
A graduating undergraduate, degree-seeking female student (or who identifies as female) who has successfully completed the requirements for the UW-Madison Leadership Certificate within that same academic year
Completion of application process that includes both a written and video submission
Due by April 1 deadline
50 hours maximum
Paid or unpaid
Encourages personal growth
Significant impact on others while fostering positive change in:
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