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Begging for Change By Sharon G. Flake

No description

Tavarria Burks

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Begging for Change By Sharon G. Flake

Begging for Change By Sharon G. Flake
Shiketa is an enemy of Raspberry and Raspberry's mother. The reason being because she beat Miss Hill up.
Zora is one of Raspberry's best friends. She is the one, besides her mother, that told her stealing is not right.
This is the main character she goes through a lot. To be 13 years old anyway. Which lead her to start stealing from everyone.
Miss Hill is Raspberry's mother. She is the first one to say that what she is doing hurts her. She also sys that it is wrong.
Raspberry Hill ( the first character)
Mrs. Hill (the second character)
Zora ( the third character)
Shikea Nixon ( the forth character)
Book Review
The book Begging for Change written by Sharon G. Flake is very mind boggling and interesting. It is written in 1st person and it is realistic fiction. Raspberry Hill, the main character has a tough life to live. She has to take care of herself, her mother, and boyfriend. I think that the fighting and stealing would be the only flaw or weakness in this book. This book is phenomenal for 7th and 8th grade girls.
Book Summary
In the book, Begging for Change written by Sharon G. Flake, Raspberry Hill, the main character has a lot on her plate. She has to take care of not only herself but her mother, and her boyfriend. Begging for Change is not only personal to some, but realistic fiction novel.
Vivacious Vocabulary
Hemorrhaging- A profuse discharge of blood as from a ruptured blood vessel bleeding; the lost of assets.
Sentence: That she ain't in a coma or hemorrhaging on the brain.
Synonym: Ooze, Extravagance, Outflow
Antonym: Pour
Vivacious Vocabulary
Destined- Bound for a certain destination; ordained, appointed, or predetermined to be or do something.
Sentence: Or is she destined to follow in her father's footsteps?
Synonym: Designed, Doomed, Intended
Antonym: Distant, Unscheduled, Unsettled
Vivacious Vocabulary
Unthinkable-Inconceivable; unimaginable or not to be considered; out of the question.
Sentence: He's desperate enough to steal, just like Raspberry, who ends up doing the unthinkable.
Synonym: Unbelievable, Impossible
Antonym: Logical, Tenable
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