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Save the Newspaper

It's in construction

Queta Ávila

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Save the Newspaper

Save the Newspaper Expositors:
Queta Ávila
Samuel Peña Index Newspaper in society
Local newspapers (Tijuana)
Why people don't read the newspaper
Main problem of Newspaper
Internet news vs. Newspaper
Read the Newspaper
How to save the newspaper Newspaper in society Newspapers play a very important role in modern society. They supply us the latest news and keeps us informed about the changing events of the world. They tell us not only about our own country but also about the whole world. They discuss social economic, political, and literary and scientific topics. Why people don´t read the Newspaper •Because internet exist

•Because it’s more easy to watch the news

•Because people don’t want to know what the journalist thinks


•Technology helps news to be updated and unfortunately newspapers can’t because they are printed every day. But in contrast to news of internet, a newspaper is a source lot more reliable. Internet news are superficial and people barely skim the stories the look at.
Is indispensable, all-purpose information source for educated citizens.
Tends to be more linear
All the myriad roles that newspapers played are each handled by separate organizations online. What a newspaper provides you Public notices for every description Plus opinions Games Weather forecast Arts reviews Display advertising NEWSPAPER Are less distracting.
Physical newspapers command more respect, engagement and focus from readers.
They present a broad range of stories .
Newspapers fulfilled a wide variety of other roles . Local Newspaper

It began in 1976 under the direction of Mario Vázquez Raña It has 70 newspaper brothers in other states of the republic and the organization (OEM: Mexican editorial organization) expanse itself to 24 radio stations, 1 TV channel and 43 internet sites. Their mission is to inform every part of the country because "knowledge its based in the intellectual growing of a community". Read the newspaper References Sarayna, Fa (2013).Importance Of Newspapers.
Elgan, Mike (2012). The newspaper industry must change, or become yesterday's news. What we learned from the video... 4 Wasteful 10 Aging Audience 8 No Journalism Reasons
is dying!! 6 Cost $$$ 9 No passion 5 Literacy 7 Impractical 3 Big Business 2 Cable 1 The Internet Local Newspaper Samy, ahorita me conecto Frontera is a young newspaper. It starts in 1999 (so it’s 14 years old). His main objective is to provide a reliable and useful source of information and also to offering a national and international vision Conclusion
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