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Dreamcatchers Romania 2012

full service fundraising agency based in Bucharest

anca echim

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Dreamcatchers Romania 2012

You can live your life in two ways: or you don't believe that magic exists or you think that everything is magic
(Albert  Einstein) Starting with 2010 we implemented
7 SMS donation campaigns.
11% of the total projects of this kind.
Implemented 2 multichannel campaigns and
an exclusive TV fundraising program
“Pierdut Telefonul Copilului” We closed 2011 with a total of 238.000 euro in gathered funds and 9 projects Run processes in organizational development Organized 3 radiothon campaigns with national coverage
Designed and implemented PR campaigns for fundraising Shared good practices, tips& tricks that brought us readers interested in fundraising from 38 countries, like USA, Germany, Poland, Russia, Belgium, Spain, Moldavia, Macedonia, Italy or UK Held 7 fundraising seminars addressed to people from NGO's and corporate involvement departments that is how we helped Long story short we can acomplish dreams for …. CAUSES

Recruiting personnel
Direct debit programs
Direct mailing with database management
Strategy for fundraising campaigns and implementation
Organizational development
SMS donation programs
Fundraising events
Fundrasing systems CORPORATE
INVOLVEMENT Preselections and recommendations for community partners
Strategies and support for PR, online communication, radio, tv
Analysis and market related CSR studies
Collaboration with advertising agencies, message producers and mass-media by... by... over-all ... total gathered sum
2.8 mil Euro biggest donation in RON
202.000 Euro one SMS campaign gathered
52.000 Euro largest product donation
1 mil Euro thank you for reading this :-)
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