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07.06 Landscape and Places Photography Assignment

No description

Sophia Lapardo

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of 07.06 Landscape and Places Photography Assignment

a.What type of landscape photography did you choose to represent your environment?
I used representational landscape photography to represent my environment. This place is called Fay Lake and is two minutes from my home, so yes it is a real landscape and is shown how it looked through my eyes as well as the camera lens.

b.Explain what compositional and lighting techniques you applied in your landscape photographs.
I used the rule of thirds for the alligator picture, framing with the dock picture, and filling the frame with the third picture. All three pictures relied completely on natural lighting.

c.Describe how your environment was represented in your landscape photographs. Be sure to reference each of your photographs to support your answer with specific examples.
These photos represent my environment perfectly. Florida is all about fishing, lakes, and beautiful sun light, well at least it is where I'm from. The dock shows how everyone around here likes to fish, or just hangout on the dock which I could do for hours. The alligator explains itself, we live in Florida. This isn't a rare sight. And the third picture ties in the beautiful water, sunlight, and dock to show that here in Florida, we have the whole package.

07.06 Landscape and Places Photography Assignment
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