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Themes and Motifs

Explanation of the difference between themes and motifs for Grade 9 language arts.

Brittany Gagne

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Themes and Motifs

How are they different? Theme Examples of Themes: Motif Example of a Subject Themes are the fundamental messages explored in a literary work.

Usually about life, society or human nature.

The theme is NOT one word (justice, loyalty, etc) - Society is becoming too voyeuristic

- Appearances are important to
our society

- The government holds too
much power

- Society is becoming desensitized to violence Survival is not a theme, it is only an idea for a story.

While surviving, the character could discover 'survival is difficult because humanity is instinctively cruel.'

THAT could be a theme Example of Motifs
in The Hunger Games Themes, Motifs, and Symbols
- Survival A motif is an event or image that is used,
often repeatedly, within a story to reinforce
the theme of a work. - Fire Any others? - a symbol is a representation
of an idea or concept.

- a word or object that stands
for another word or object What are some
examples of symbols in The Hunger Games? Panem

Mockingjays SYMBOLS Whats the difference between symbols and motifs? A symbol is an object, a picture, a written word, or a sound that is used to

A motif is an image, spoken or written word, sound, act, or another visual or structural device that is used to develop a theme. represent something. - Hunting How do these motifs help build a theme? How are symbols and motifs different? What we just went over The Real Challenge A symbol is an object, a picture, a written word,
or a sound that is used to represent something.

A motif is an image, spoken or written word, or sound that is used to develop a theme. Analyzing themes, motifs, and
symbols in literature and using
them as supportive evidence
in analysis essays or long answers. What are some themes
in The Hunger Games? Examples?
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