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Research Week 1

No description

Kayla and Stephen Briseño

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Research Week 1

When you see the words
Researching an important historical event
So What are We Doing Differently?
Today's Big Questions
2. As a group, discuss techniques (word choice, sentence fluency, description, etc) the author used that stood
out to you.
What Stands Out?
1. Watch the Evernote tutorial on Moodle.
2. Set up your Research Progress notebook with the instructions on Moodle.
3. Begin exploring your topic. Build your background.
While in the library you will..
1. Listen up for your groupings.

2. As a group, review the list of topics.

3. Choose your top three and discuss possible narrators.
Forming Groups and Picking Topics
In what ways can our thinking (attitude) towards research papers change?
Let's Think About It...
what comes to your mind?
What are we doing today?
1. Research Questions
2. Narrator Workshop
4. Research Time/Conference with Mr. Briseño
Hong Kong given back to China
(What are questions that I have that could help guide my research?
How did Hong Kong become a part of England?
What did the people of Hong Kong think of life under English rule?
Did Hong Kong want to become part of China again?
Why did England give HK back to China anyway?
How long was HK under English rule?
Step #1: Research Topic and Questions
Think about your topic. What questions come to your mind? What don’t you now that you would want to know more about?

1. Write your research topic at the top.
2. Below, write a minimum of 7 questions to help guide your research. You can brainstorm this list of questions as a group.
Narrator’s full name:___________________________
Birthplace:______________ Birth date:_____________
Current Residence:_______________________________
Hair color:______ Eye color:________ Ht:_______ Wt:_______
Age during the event:_________ Age now__________
Colonel Robert Carruthers
London, England
Hong Kong
September 21, 1953
200 lbs
When was the exact date that it happened?
44 years old
59 years old
Step #2: Narrator Workshop
Think about the narrator you plan on describing
your topic from.

Copy and paste the
Narrator Workshop
document from Moodle into you 2nd note.

Answer the questions to help you develop and think about your narrator.
"Hong Kong." Britannica School. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 2014. Web. 4 Mar. 2014. <http://school.eb.com/levels/high/article/106286>
Step #3 Research Notes
Hong Kong was given back on to China on July 1, 1997
Under British rule since 1860.
Japanese conquered the islands during World War II.
Find two CREDIBLE sources (Wikipedia DOES NOT count
as a source!).

Create a heading for each source in Note #3. Underneath
type the facts that you find. If you quote it directly,
make sure you use "quotation marks."
You goal is to find 10 facts between the two sources.
3. Research Notes
Today's Warm-Up
Write your thoughts @
1. In what ways can our thinking towards research papers change?
2. What stand-out qualities do we
see in our example papers?
3. How can I tell history in a different way,
yet still be factual?
(Haru, Linda, and Cliff--please pose our questions to the class.)
1. Read the first essay out loud in your groups.
3. Now read the second essay out loud.
4. Compare the two essays. What do you notice?
What do you think we can change or do differently?
Return to todaysmeet.com/researching1
to post your thoughts and respond to at least 1 person.
Telling that event from a different person's point of view
using narrative!
"For weeks, we've been preparing.
But now, the time has come."
Washington crossing the Deleware
The Founding of Apple Computers
I remember meeting Steve Jobs
while I was in college.
Thomas Edison and the Invention of the Light Bulb
People remember me for my
But forget
how much help he had.
William Joseph Hammer,
electrical engineer
at Menlo Park
Turn to your table and process.
As we go over the introduction for our next project,
please write any questions you have out on the margins.
STOP! Turn to your group and process.
STOP! Turn to your group and process.
Remaining questions?
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