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Alex Parkyn

on 23 February 2010

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Transcript of WORLD HISTORY

WORLD HISTORY Olmec Empire The Olmecs were located tropical lowlands of South Central Mexico. The Olmecs were known for their artwork such as their colossal stone heads (shown below). The years of their empire were 1400 BCE to 400 BCE. Mayan Empire Noted for only written langauge of Pre Columbial America It's life span is generall noted as 2000 BC to 900 AD or when Spanish arrived The Mayans were located in Mesoamerica and were the largest civilization there. Aztec Empire The peak of the Aztec empire was from 1300-1500. The Aztecs were located in Central America. Warriors dressed as animals to look intimidating. Inca Empire Reached their peak between 1438 and 1533. Conquested other tribes and used assimilation. Located in Western South America. Inuit Empire Lived in igloos. Thousands of years ago over land bridge until today. Canadian Artic and Subartic. ERA 4 PART 1 Iroquois League Existed 1200-1600. Located in Midwest. Lived in Longhouses. Made up of several tribes. Germanic Kingdoms Practiced Christianity. Existed from 300-900. Lived on the old Roman Borders. Charlemagne's Empire Unified Christianity. Years: 768-814. Located in Europe. Medieval Times Cathedral building became popular and every city had to have them. Occured (in popular belief) between 400 and 1500. All throughout Europe. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 10. 7. 8. 11. 9. England's Monarchy Monarchy's are ruled by a king or queen. Years are 1000 until modern day. Located in England France's Monarchy ERA 1-3 Part 1 Early Humans Old Stone Age New Stone Age Egyptians Civilizations of Mesopotamia Summerians Indus Shang Eras 1-3 Part 2 Minoans Myceans Sparta Athens Empire of Alexander the Great Roman Republic Roman Empire Era 4 Part 2 Skeleton "Lucy" found in Africa dating back hundreds of thousands years. Located in Africa. People were nomadic hunters sometimes in tribes Located in Africa. Before New Stone Age. Agriculture (farming) and towns started. Located in Africa. Ends with creation of empires. Famous for their pyramids and pharohs. Located around modern day Egypt. 2575 BC-2130 BC Invented early metal weapons. Located in modern Mesopotamia. 3200 BC-500 BC Invented early system of writing. Located in Fertile Crescent. 3200BC-500BC Invented early surgery. Located in India. 3200 BC-500 BC Invented the Yin Yang. Located in modern day China. 1122 BC-221 BC Built palace at Kronoss. Located in Crete. 1750 BC-1400 BC Fought in Trojan war. Located in Italy. 1400 BC-1250 BC Warrior society, Battle of Thermopylae. Located in Greece (one of the city states). 1250 BC- 400 BC Similar government to modern democracy. 1250 BC- 400 BC Located in Greece. 2nd Largest Empire Ever. Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor, India, Middle East. 359 BC to 326 BC. Strong, and dominant military force, that was always fighting several wars. Located in modern day Italy. 509 BC- 446 BC. Empire started when Julius Caesar took Rome saying "I came, I saw, I conquered." Located in same place as Roman Republic. 146 BC- 328 AD. Byzantine Empire Center (capital) was the grandeur city of Constantinople. Balkans, Middle East, North Africa. 527-565. Russia Country had three major ethnic groups; Slavs, Vikings, and Mongols. Eastern Europe and Western Asia. 862- modern day. Umayyad Dynasty Conquest stopped at Battle of Tours, 1st Muslim Empire. Middle East, Spain, Morroco, Indus, North Africa, into France. 622- start of 2nd Islamic Empire Abbasid Dynasty Ottoman Empire Took over Constantinople and Byzantine Empire. Located in Middle East. (ISLAM) 1450- 1650. Safavid Empire Used gunpowder to dominate the Middle East. Located in the Middle East. 1450-1650. Dehli Sultanate Existed between 622 and 1629. Located in India. Sultan of Dehli defeats Hindus and starts empire. Mughal India Created when Babur poured through mountains with Turkish and Mongol troops. Ghana, Mali, Songhai World Religions Buddhism Christianity Hinduism Islam Judaism Hindu Temple Jewish Religious Tools Buddha statue Jesus going to earth from God Mecca Started around 5000 BCE in Northeastern
Siddartha Gauatama was the founder.
Path of Liberation, Four Noble Truths/ Eightfold path.
Karma and Reincarnation.
Theravada and Mahayana, different beliefs that are similar.
Started at year 0 and began in Jerusalem.
Birth of Jesus Christ and his life portrayed in Bible.
Bible (text)
Ten Commandments (laws)
Catholicism then Greek Orthodox
Oldest religion in the Indian subcontinent.
Spans all types of belief.
Different life paths
Kama and moksa
Started over 3000 years ago possibly in Israel.
Abraham was first Hebrew
Talmud (text)
Torah (laws) Started in 632 in Middle East.
Prophet Muhammed spread religion.
Five Pillars
Sharia Law
Sunni and Shiite
Who should lead religion
800-1600 in West Africa
Developed as trade expanded beyond villages. ERA 5 Europe Renaisance In Italy
There were new advancements in all technology. European Exploration 1492-1600 in the Americas and Asia
Men like Columbus were searching for a sea route to Asia. African Slave Trade 1500-1800 between Africa, England and the Americas.
Created "triangle" shaped trade. South and Southeast Asia Located in South and Southeast Asia.
First to create gunpowder. Americas The Americas were divided between Spain and Portugal. Spanish Crown Between 1200 and 1400 in Spain.
Absolute Monarchy.
French Monarchy Between 1200 and 1400 in France.
Louis IV becines most powerful monarch, Golden Age.
Parlaiment and England Started in England in 1400s.
England's main part of government. Austria In Austria.
Seizure of Habsburg started a 8 year war. Russia Located in modern day Russia.
3 Groups; Mongols, Slavs, and Vikings.
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