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Migration by Thar Htwe

No description

Network School

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Migration by Thar Htwe

Migration is more to do with pull factors and push factors. If you or your friend migrate to another country or city for example America that means they were being pulled by America because of most reasons like jobs,government,pollution or weather.
Push factors
What to pack when you migrate
Migrating is a big thing and sometimes you have to leave your most luxury items like Furniture, TV, Rings and Devices because when you migrate you can't bring big thing depending on your KG. Here is a chart of things you should bring and the luxury items.
What is Migration like
When you migrate you won't have good food to eat also you can run out on food,money and water. The food may taste bad and most people brings sauce to fix the taste of bad food sometimes you also have to bring a toilet paper because you will have to be going toilet in other places you might not know

What is migration
Migration is the movement of people from one place to another

By Thar Htwe
Pull factors
Bad government
Bad weather
Low on money
Social needs
No safety
Bad condition
No resources

Good Government
Happy weather
Job opportunities
Health Care
future prospects
Better life
Good education
Better way of transportation
Good condition
Good resources

Useful items

Pocket Knife
Family photo( if necessary)
Hand hold clock
Pair of clothes
AID pack( need to bring )
Swimming pack
Ready Made snacks( bread,Yogurt, Chili sauce, Fruit
What is pull factor and push factor
Pull factors is a country or a place which has all the things you need and it's called pull factors because it's the same like pulling you to a place
Push factors is a country or a place which doesn't have the things you want and it is called push factors because it is the same as pushing you out of this place/country
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